Casper Academy has been a coaching centre for IELTSTOEFLGREPTEOETLife Skills - IELTSUKVI and Spoken EnglishHAADMOHDHASaudi PrometricOman PrometricQatar PrometricNCLEX-Rn, since 2001. At Casper Academy, we help candidates qualify all the International English and Nursing tests. Casper Academy is a registered member of ETS, IDP, British Council and Prometric society.

Our training is intense. At Casper Academy, we provide the course at the learner's leisure and allow learners to choose their class-time. As we have sufficient faculty members, candidates get class all the time. All learners are given individual-customised-training throughout the day. We also offer classes on Saturdays for learners who are employed or engaged in studies during weekdays. Visit Casper Academy's official website for more details.

Individual Training is not simply a phrase used for marketing advantage, it is rather a commitment.

We impart quality training at affordable cost. Our trainers are carefully selected, tested and trained periodically. Our individual training system is renowned. We have more than 8000 satisfied clients in our Facebook business page. Read Google reviews about Casper Academy before you join us. 

To fly abroad from India, people may have to qualify themselves with relevant VISA eligibility exams. Casper Academy was originally founded in 2001, to help young and junior level employees clear their education loans by securing a job abroad. It was initially started by a group of trainers from various institutes around India. 

Initially after a mock-test and personal consultation, we follow up with candidates to recommend an appropriate service for their needs. Based on the score achieved in the mock-test and the demanded score in the real test, candidates are allowed to decide on their course duration. Even after enrolling in a course package, the candidate can alter or change their course package anytime in-between the course depending upon their need and progress in the class tests.

We wish you all success in your future endeavour.