Kids Summer Vacation Class

Spoken English and Empowerment classes for Kids in Summer Vacation.

Every year, we have a group of kids attending our summer classes during their vacation to improve their ability to speak and write well in English. 

What we teach?

We teach them... This list of items happen to be the useful syllabus for kids.
Moral Values, Communication Skills, Handling opposite and same gender. Value of Parents. Value of School. Value of Teachers. Value of Siblings. Social being. Tenses, Grammar, Vocabulary - 3000 words, Physical Self-defence, emotional Self-defence, Secularism, Love and Care for elders. Self-esteem, Confidence, Success and failure, Motivation, explore the innate abilities.

Why Kids need this class?

They are growing into a social being. It is at the transformation period we need to teach them all good values. Children at this age learn things faster. They need to grow into a complete useful citizens for them selves, their country and their family. Their age is now-flexible. We can simple mend them to be a wonderful citizens at this age. 

What do they benefit out of this class?

The learn to speak and communicate well in English. They learn to read faster. They learn to write English in a formal way as how the adults do. Academic standard in writing is taught. Children will be able to face their daily tasks at school effectively. The shyness gets erased. The doubt in Grammar and usage of English words reduces and confidence builds up. They also learn to participate and perform in Group Discussion to eliminate the shyness and over reacting to situations. Children learn the value of parents and teachers. They learn to respect every member of the society. They learn to recognise themselves as a social being and they learn how to communicate with same and opposite sex in a safe manner. They learn to protect themselves physically and mentally. 

Who teaches Kids?

A group of trained and qualified professionals teach children. Our faculty members are trainers for International English subjects and they are also good at handling Kids. We also have guest faculty visiting them once in a while from various departments who work in favour of KIDS.

What is the age group?

Children are divided according to their age group. Each child will be admitted in a group of Kids who belong to their age. Children between the age of 4-8 attend seperate classes. Children between 9-16 attend different classes. What we teach them may be same but children of same age group go well with their peers. 

Who is eligible?

All school kids and kids who have just completed their schooling are eligible for this course. 

When does the course start and finish?

The course usually starts when the school closes for summer vacation and ends when the school re-opens. The course is designed only to help candidates during their summer vacation.

Where does the course happen?

We have a floor separated only for Kids in the Casper Academy's premises in Vyttila, Kochi. The classroom is very large and have a lot of ventilation with sufficient sunlight. Kids need safe and secure environment. All classrooms are equipped with Surveillance cameras. We have separate toilets for boys and girls. 

What is the duration of the course?

The course is operated from 8:30am -12:30pm on Mon to Fri. Saturdays and Sundays will be holidays. Children usually have some activities to do during their weekends. 

Our promise:

After this training, parents start observing their kids only to know that there has been a lot of personality differences that attracts them opportunities and respect in the realm where they live and learn. Because you will get satisfied you will tend to send your children to us every year at the same time. 

About Casper Academy

Casper Academy has been a coaching centre for IELTSTOEFLGREPTEOETLife Skills - IELTSUKVI and Spoken EnglishHAADMOHDHASaudi PrometricOman PrometricQatar PrometricNCLEX-Rn, since 2001. At Casper Academy, we help candidates qualify all the International English and Nursing tests. Casper Academy is a registered member of ETS, IDP, British Council and Prometric society. Enquire about a Course at Casper Academy here.

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