PTE Overview

Pearson test of English is an online English Language Test which comprises of reading, writing, listening and speaking. PTE exam is the stepping stone for higher education and job opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore exclusively. The striking aspect of PTE exam is that, the test is universally online which makes the candidates feel more secured, because even the valuation of the examination would be on an objective basis as the technology cannot be biased. Moreover, the results of the PTE exam are given out within 4-5 working days, and the examination date can be booked within a few days prior to the test date. 

PTE Misconception:

Most people go to VISA consultancies before coming to a training center. The consultants in the VISA agencies has never appeared for PTE exam themselves. They have no idea about the components even. Even then, they utter this lie 'PTE is easier than IELTS'. This has been a very common trend. PTE is as tough as IELTS.

If PTE were to be easier than IELTS why are more than 10000 people every month appearing for IELTS in Kerala whereas PTE gets about 10% of the population. 

If PTE were to be easy then PTE would't get the appreciation of universities. PTE gets affiliated with universities around the world only because of the equivalency competency with IELTS.

Individual Training:

We recommend individual assessment and correction on daily basis for candidates opting to get a specific score above 60 marks in the PTE Academic Tests. Get your tasks evaluated, corrected and learn the tips to improve immediately after practice-tests. 

Sample Tests:

We call it practice-Test Technically. You are allowed to take a practice-test at any time of the day and on any day for any number of times. Each practice-test reveals a sign of improvement in the candidates progression in the learning. 

Apart from the practice test taken in class, you can also opt for a scored mock-test online. Students have to pay for their scored mock-test. You can either take a paid mock-test directly from the PTE websites or take help from our representatives at Casper Academy.

PTE Listening:

We assure you a band score between 70 and 90. We have individual computers made available for all candidates and we practise several  listening full test before the real PTE listening test. All our candidates always got above 70 marks in PTE Listening tests.

PTE reading:

PTE reading test practise is made so easy that a faculty member sits along with you and guides you through out the test. This assisted comprehension technique is the key reason for our success. We develop overall reading skills and comprehensive ability of the candidate. 

PTE Writing:

Most candidates in Kerala who reportedly have tried several attempts of PTE Writing test have come to us saying they were unable to get the required score in writing module. Especially because of Grammar, vocabulary, idea and Fluency related problems. Our courses for PTE writing modules is designed in such a way that you will be able to impress the examiner with a practice of just 20 writing tasks, although we have more than 50 different essays practised even in PTE crash course. Each practice test is evaluated personally and the mistakes are high-lighted and the candidate is taught tips and strategies to improve in the module.

PTE Speaking:

Candidates those who have difficulty in writing surely or may have difficulties in speaking as well. Practicing only with the help of the software is not going to sufficient. At the end of the day, you need a faculty to help you. We have speaking session in individual rounds and group discussion happening throughout the day. This will enable candidates who excel in presenting the topics perfectly in PTE speaking modules in the real test. 

PTE Weekend Classes:

On Saturdays, we have facility to provide classes between 9:30am and 1:30pm. This 4 hours practise is recommended only for people who have already appeared for the test once and need improvement in some of the modules. 

PTE Faculty members:

Our faculty members are trained sufficiently through our central faculty training methods. They are also equipped with sufficient materials and the faculty members have experience in handling such modules for several year now. We don’t hire students to teach students. 

PTE Exam Registration:

Candidates can book their exams on their own. For those who don’t want to take a risk of doing it on their own, we do the booking from our centres. Most of our candidates are allowed to appear for exam only after taking approval from their respective faculty members.

Percentage of Pass:

There is no pass of fail in this exam. Candidates who are able to achieve their required target score, that enables them for a VISA processing have passed, and the other are considered failed. 

Our candidates only appear for exam after getting the required score in at least 10 practice-test and approved by a faculty member. Read our reviews to know the percentage of satisfaction expressed by our candidates. Generally 85% of Candidates get through PTE in the first attempt after a short training. 


Most candidates who appear for PTE without any training from any institutes disappoint themselves. Never listen to a VISA consultant for advice on the test. Only consult a trainer before the real test.


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