Tips to do well in the real IELTS test.

IELTS is an international English test. Don't look for a short-cut to score in the test.

Register for your IELTS test at least 30 - 40 days before to ensure the availability of the test facility on your desired time. 

Get at least 40 essays corrected by trainers.

Practise Speaking in group and individual rounds. Recored it every time you speak and listen to it repeatedly to avoid some common mistakes.

Practise at lest 40 listening and reading task before the real IELTS test. 

No manipulation or mal-practise is encouraged. Severe actions are taken against candidates who indulge in such practises.

Keep you original passport with you till you get the result. Don't submit it in the VISA agency for processing. The original passport is mandatory to enter the exam venue. 

Know where your exam location is at least one day before the test day.

Visit the location and report at least 1 hrs before the scheduled time of the test.

Don't peep in to the examiners scoring card, as you are not encouraged to do so.

Don't ask for the score to the examiner. She/he is not going to answer to that question.

Greet your examiner while you enter the room for the speaking test.

Dress code is not a mandatory practise in IELTS test. However, dress neatly and sufficiently. 

Digital watch, calculator, lap-top, mobile phone and android device are not allowed in the test hall. You will be asked to surrender it in the security office.

Carry a colour Xerox of the passport copy and a copy of the acknowledgement mail, you will receive at the time of booking your test date.

Book your exams only form a training center, we have access to the b2b login terminal of the official website and it is easy for us to know the status and exam results better than the public website. 

Your payments and results are monitored carefully, if the test is booked form IELTS training centres.

You will usually receive the test result 13 working days from the date of the exam.

A message (SMS) from the courier office will notify you about who received your certificate at the IELTS coaching center.

Use appropriate phone number and contact details for they use this information to contact the candidate in case of any change in the date or venue of the exam.

Your IELTS test result is sent to your registered mobile number first. 

IELTS Test takers are not allowed to speak, disturb or ask doubts to the invigilators or test takers in the exam hall.

Just put your hand on air, if you want any assistance from the invigilators on the day of the test. 

Practise IELTS preparation tests for at least 150 days before the real test to get assured score in the first test itself. It not only saves money but also your confidence. It takes a lot of courage to re-appear for the IELTS test. 

Prepare only from materials we recommend. Don't simply go by the cover of the books available in the market.

Preparing on social media is not our strong recommendation.

A trainer is very much required by your side always throughout your preparation to monitor your activities, to keep with the time, to correct your answers, to enhance your skills, to boost your confidence, to encourage you to do the activity in the IELTS test well, to share you tips about the test modules and to pray for you when you sit for the exam. Never ignore a training center. 


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