How crowded are the IELTS Exam centres

How crowded will be the IELTS exam hall?

Approximately there are 200-300 candidates in each batch in each IDP and BC center. IELTS exams are offered by 2 agencies, namely British Council and IDP - Australia. There are more than 50 centres in India. Kerala has about 5 centres. 

The exams are usually conducted in 5 star Hotels. The reading, writing and listening modules are conducted on the same day and the speaking module is usually conducted on either the same day or a different day depending upon the availability. Candidates are informed well in advance and so you don't have to panic.

Although the IELTS exam centres may be crowded, it has nothing to do with you. As a test taker all you have to do is, relax and concentrate on the task given to you. At, Casper Academy, we help candidates book their exams for IELTS test from our training centres. However candidates can also book their exams on their own at any time of the year.

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