Practice questions from Section 2 of the speaking test in IELTS - Cue Card

These are some of the 'Cue-Card' questions from section 2 of the speaking test in IELTS.


You should talk for about 1-2 minutes on this topic. Before you talk you will have 1 minute to prepare on what and how to answer these questions. The examiner will give you paper and pencil to prepare. Start and stop speaking when the examiner prompts. When you have finished talking the examiner will then ask some general questions which follow on from the topic in Part 2.

Describe some environmental voluntary work that you have done.
You should say:
  • *what it was.
  • *how difficult or tiring it was.
  • *whether it was effective or not.
    and explain why you decided to take part.

Describe an individual who you regard as a role model.
You should say:
  • why you look up to him/her.
  • which of his/her characteristics you admire.
  • and explain what, in your opinion, makes a good role model, especially for young people today.

Describe a habit you think is good for your health.
You should say:
  • why you do it.
  • whether it is difficult or easy to do.
  • whether it requires self-decipline or not and finally explain.
  • why this habit is good for your health.

Describe a time that you can remember when you were very afraid.
You should say:
  • Where you were.
  • What you were doing.
  • Why you were frightened.
  • and explain how you were able to cope with you fear.

Describe a typical day in your life as a child growing up.
You should say:
  • What you did
  • Who you spend time with
  • How you felt about the things you had to do
  • and explain what you enjoyed most about your daily life growing up.

Describe a memorable holiday experience you have had.
You should say:
  • Where you were on holiday and how you got there.
  • Who you were with.
  • Where you went and what you did.
  • and explain why the holiday was memorable for you.

Describe a film you enjoyed watching.
You should say:
  • the name of the film and where it was made.
  • what kind of film it was.
  • what the film was about.
  • and explain why you enjoyed it.

Describe someone who had a big influence on you when you were a young child growing up.

You should say:

    • Who the person was.
    • What kind of person he/she is.
    • What your relationship with them was like.
    • and explain the way in which they influenced you.


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