Passive Voice

Most of the students who take their schooling from India are very familiar with active voice and at the same time are not very aware of Passive voice. Whereas the rules of passive voice are so limited and easy to learn. After 1 hour of class on Passive voice, aspirants often say 'WOW'. This is because they have missed it somewhere in the long run. A good language user is expected to be able to handle both active and passive voice comfortably. 

Just remember the rule:

There are three rules for passive voice.

1. Use only the 3rd form of the Verb.
Verbs in English language means 'action words'. The words that represent the action in a sentence is called a verb. 
Verbs usually are of 5 types. v1, v2, v3, v4, v5. In other words, Base verb for simple present and future tense, Past verb, Past Participle Verb, Base verb for simple present (Singular-subject-only) and Present Participle. 
Here in the case of Passive voice, only v3 - Past Participle is used. Never use any other form of Verb as they don't go with passive voice.  

2. Use only the below mentioned auxiliary verbs.
These are the list of auxiliary verbs usually blended with passive voice. AM, IS, ARE, WAS, WERE, BE
AM - in the case of one telling others about what someone did to him.
For example: a person named 'Privi' informed 'Kevin' to walk straight on the road for 1/2 kms to reach the library.
When Kevin Speaks : I am informed to walk straight. 

'You know how to use the rest of the auxiliary verbs. If you have a doubt ask your language trainers or demand for more notes on passive voice in the comment and I will write about it'. 

3. Always ignore the one who does the action (Subject in the sentence).
The one who does the action is called a subject in a sentence. Here in Passive voice, we are only speaking about the influence of the action and about the one who was influenced by the action. The doer of the action is either unknown or is kept secret. 
Active Voice: Ramu Killed a Snake.
Passive Voice: A Snake was killed. (It is not necessary to mention the name of the doer - Ramu)

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