Should I be good at Grammar to excel in International English Exams.

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International English exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET, GRE, UKVI, Life Skills and TEFL all have been designed to test and qualify a persons overall ability to handle the English language at various levels in an English speaking country without much hassle.

By taking these exams one does not only qualifies him(her)self for a VISA to an English speaking country. S(he) also get the proficiency to live in a country where English is spoken as the main language for communication. Any language has to be spoken with the grammar. A common ground of expression is revealed through grammar.

When there are no rules followed a cricketer finds it difficult to play with the team. Because the rules form a common ground to protect the player and ease the learning process for a learner of the game. Similarly, grammar forms a common ground on which a user of the language is able to express himself/herself clearly and the new learner finds it easy to learn the language. Therefore it it necessary to learn the language and its grammar rules immaculately.

However, the question here is weather the International Exams are keen looking at the grammar efficiency of the test taker. Of course, yes! All International Exams although they look at the overall fluency of the test taker in handling the language, while marking the test response with a band score they use grammar also as one of the standard scale to measure and evaluate the candidate.


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