How different is PTE from IELTS?

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PTE – Pearson Test of English has been the talk of the town in the recent years. It is an International English exam that is conducted to evaluate the test taker and know and certify his ability to speak, read, listen and write the English language appropriately.

This Exam is not much different from its predecessor IELTS in the real sense of assessment. However there are certain advantages and disadvantages of taking PTE instead of IELTS as a VISA eligibility exam.


  • The exam is only valid in Australia, if you are planning to migrate.
  • The PTE score is accepted by universities only in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The exam is yet to be popular.
  • The exam preparation without sufficient materials from the authorised source is difficult.
  • There are very few training centers or trainers available in India for teaching PTE.
  • There are few test centers available in the country.


  • The test dates are available on almost all days of the moths.
  • The test dates can be reserved within a week also.
  • The result is declared in 2 days.
  • The result is published in the website and available/accessible immediately.
  • The result is safe and can be exchanged with universities or VISA processing agents easily and quickly.
Note: If you are planning to migrate to Australia (or) study only in Australia or New Zealand, this is a good choice. PTE is your exam.

If you are not sure about which country you are planning to visit or need tome to decide on that matter, it is safe to take IELTS. This exam qualifies you to fly abroad for many reasons. However, you should discuss with your IELTS training about weather to appear for General IELTS test or Academic IELTS test depending on your type of VISA.


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