Useful Phrases to illustrate Graph

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The graph shows

It indicates that

Is expected

Of the respective populations

By the year 2040

The proportion of people



While the figures

Grew to about

The figure for Japan

Before rising to almost

At the present time

In spite of some fluctuation

In the expected percentages

The proportion of older people

Will probably continue

A more dramatic rise is predicted

By which time it is thought that

Will be similar.

The first graph shows that

There is a gradual decrease in

Nearly 80% of

This percentage gradually declines


The first graph also shows that

The percentage increases dramatically

Nearly same number of

It drops rapidly

It is unclear whether

But the highest level is

The first potential location is

The town itself

This site is

In the country side

Would be able to accommodate

This would make it accessible

As it is also close to

A potentially large number of

Would also be able to

In contrast

Which would be good for


But as the central area

Would be unable to

Would be difficult


It was opened in the year

The second oldest

This was then followed by

In terms of the size of the

For certain has the largest

Which is nearly twice as large as

Which is more than


The greatest number of passengers

Serves the smallest

In conclusion


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