Try and make some questions with the sentences below.

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  1. He is in the car.
  2. He is washing his clothes.
  3. He is not driving.
  4. He isn’t a man even.
  5. I am convenient.
  6. I am coming on June 14th.
  7. I am not a coward.
  8. I am not discussing this issue with you.
  9. We are a few friends.
  10. We are getting wet.
  11. We aren’t ready yet.
  12. We aren’t attending John’s marriage tomorrow.
  13. She was a school teacher.
  14. She was working hard to complete the project.
  15. She wasn’t a good learner.
  16. She wasn’t wasting her time during her college.
  17. We were busy yesterday.
  18. We were buying clothes.
  19. We weren’t responsible for the holiday.
  20. We weren’t depending on him.
  21. He goes to Casper Academy on and off.
  22. He doesn’t take a mock-test often.
  23. Dame and Praveen telecast TV shows now.
  24. They don’t speak in English.
  25. Dileep went to Europe.
  26. He didn’t kill his sister.
  27. I will meet you on next valentine’s day.
  28. You won’t bring a gift.
  29. She can sing without any preparation.
  30. She can’t believe that she resembles her mother.
  31. She may provide you with the right information.
  32. She might yell at you, if you don’t listen to her.
  33. The dog would fly, if it had wings.
  34. I wouldn’t buy a BMW car even if am rich.
  35. He has spoken about it several times.
  36. She has a new Porsche.
  37. She hasn’t liked what I said.
  38. The have paid the fee last week.
  39. They have a poor farm house.
  40. I haven’t obeyed my conscience.
  41. I had rooted well in my career.
  42. I had a mango tree in my front yard.
  43. She hadn’t regretted yet.
  44. She had no other choice.
  45. Ravi has been living in Manchester for the last 21 years.
  46. Hitesh and Ravi have been fighting for a papaya since morning.
  47. They have been married for the last 7 years.
  48. She had been working in Saudi Arabia from 1997 to 2011.
  49. She had been nowhere in the picture.
  50. Ravi has been a good friend to me since my childhood.
  51. They have been practising plagiarism since their teenage.
  52. She and Ravi have been in love with each other for some time.
  53. Hrithik had been rich since child hood.
  54. He had been acting in movies for about 29 years.
  55. He should be crucified.
  56. He should be worried about it.
  57. I may be of some use to you in the trip.
  58. There may be a rain before you leave.
  59. They might be thinking of Jessy.
  60. You might be well to do.
  61. I can be speaking slowly.
  62. I can be a doctor one day.
  63. He could be dreaming of his would be wife.
  64. My wife could be leaving to office at 9am.
  65. She must be his wife.
  66. He must be joining us in the party.
  67. I Want to quit my slumber.
  68. We Wanted Ravi to play foot ball with us.
  69. I Need to plan my vacation this year.
  70. You ought to respect the laws of the country.

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