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Sample Speaking Responses


How museums can be made more interesting?

We need to include more details about a specific showpiece apart from its historical relevance. What happens in most cases is that the explanation of the exhibits will be only centred upon its historical significance that too using difficult term. Museums could adapt to visual and sound effects to entertain visitors of all ages. Providing a virtual tour for the visitors will also help.

How often and where do you go to the movies?

I go to the movies once in two weeks. My preferred theatres would either be PVR cinemas that operate in the Lulu Mall or Cinepolis at the Centre square Mall because both are near to my home. With regards to facilities PVR is one step ahead of the other theatre with better seats at reasonable rates. They also have an elaborate chain of food stalls right outside the theatre with good quality food.

Describe the cinema you usually go to.

I prefer action movies over romantic ones. With all the sound and visual effects, it is comparatively interesting to watch action films. I am filled with a rush of emotions while watching action sequences while romantic or comic films will not create curiosity in me. An action movie with twists and punch dialogues will keep me hooked on till the end.

How reliable do you think information from the internet is? Why?

Information available online will not be 100 per cent valid. Just like the valid sources, there will be numerous misleading sources online. In case of information related to medicines or vaccines, it is always better to consult a doctor before trying them as there would be certain side effects that may not be specified in the site. Whatever the case, we should always approach online information with caution.

How were you taught history when you were at school?

My history classes were really boring because our teacher used to narrate the whole episode of a particular historic event, even if it was not mentioned in the syllabus. If at all history classes occur in the morning, then almost all the backbenchers would be either sleeping or chatting in the most silent manner. Some of them would even bunk history lectures.

How will technology be used to improve films in the future?

Technologies used in films have already reached a peak position. Films like Avatar and Jungle Book has time and again proved that we don’t need actors to do the whole thing. Even a fly can be depicted as the hero. I guess in future, 3D will be replaced by something known as 6D or 10D that would allow the audience to enter into a particular scene and act along with the characters.

How would you describe young peoples’ attitudes towards tradition?

The modern generation is often ignorant of age old traditions and if at all they are aware of something, are in no mood to follow it. They consider traditions to be old fashioned and follow it only if compelled to. For instance, the tradition of removing our footwear while entering holy places is still not followed by youngsters as they feel that their feet would become dirty. Generally the youth has somewhat cold approach towards following traditions.

In terms of personality, are people more influenced by their family or by their friends?

This depends on how much time a person spends with each category. If he/she is more attached to friends, then they imbibe both the good and bad qualities of their friends. On the other hand, if an individual is a family person, he/she will be identical to their parents or even relatives. I guess

friends could be more influential as they are our own age as the result of which we can relate more easily to them.

In the future, what kind of units or groups will people live in, do you think?

I think in the future, people will lead isolated lives and will live in virtual groups on multiple social networking apps. A group will be formed for all kinds of emotions and events with an even more elaborate set of emoticons dedicated to each of them. Face-to-face interactions will be gone, and online meetings will be the trend of that era.

In what ways can people in a family be similar to each other?

Genetics is an important factor that determines the similarities between family members. Parents and children could be similar in terms of physical appearances, skin tone or even body structure. Children would imbibe certain qualities that the parents have that forms their personalities in a similar way to that of their parents or other elders of the house. At times grandparents and grandchildren would have more similarities than parents. Siblings too could be similar to each other if they do not share a huge age gap.

In what ways do men and women feel differently about marriage, in your opinion?

Women feel more anxious about marriage while men may or may not feel the same. For a woman, the very thought of leaving her family and being a part of a totally different one would be stressful. She will definitely take time to adjust to her new surroundings. She will also experience a lot of ‘firsts’ in her life. For men, marriage means being ready to accept one more person into their lives. Some men may experience tension but generally they are cool about marriage.

In what ways do you think being a writer might be an interesting job?

Writers have the freedom to express themselves. They have the right to turn their pen to swords and strike right at the chord. Be it through the form of satire or seriousness, writers can always criticise their society and point out the malpractices in it. They enjoy a kind of liberty that no other jobs have. They would always have a large amount of people following them, be it to support or criticise.

In what ways does a bad teacher disadvantage students?

Having a teacher who does not listen to his/her students is one of the greatest difficulties of student life. Teachers who strictly follow the syllabus without encouraging students to speak in class often give out the impression that teaching is a one-way business. In such situations, students will either remain quite or will not concentrate fully on what is being taught. They would also feel terrified to approach the teacher with doubts.

How much time do you think people spend on work and on leisure?

I think people should spend equal time for both activities. Work as well as leisure is necessary for the balanced state of human mind. If not, we are likely to get burdened by one of them. Those who are workaholics should take some time to relax while those who are lousy should start working appropriately. There is no harm in placing work over enjoyment because it gives us the money to enjoy for ourselves.

In your country, which do people prefer: watching TV or listening to radio? Why?

In my country, majority of the people prefer to watch television over listening to radio. Since television is a mix of both audio and video, people find it more convenient. We all love to watch things live rather than hear it. The range of programs available on the TV set makes it more favourable among all ages of people. We are able to know world affairs. All we have to do is switch channels on the TV set.

In your opinion, is being well-known easy to live with?

In my opinion, being famous has more limitations than benefits. Apart from the fact that we can earn a great deal of money, being a known face is difficult to live with. We are constantly under the lens of the media and will not be able to lead a normal life with the desired privacy. There are loads of people to stalk us and dealing with this kind of mentality is not easy to live with.

Is it easier for adults or children to make new friends? Why?

According to me, children find it easier to make friends because unlike adults, they do not measure people as per their qualities or social status. At an age where they explore the most, children are open to changes and easily mingle with new people. They welcome all kinds of friends as they are innocent and lack the maturity to think twice or thrice before making friends.

Is it important for young people to visit different places before they go to college?

Yes. Youngsters should travel to maximum number of places before settling for college or further studies. This is the only time they have to explore the world and know more about it. Once they travel and interact with people of different races and cultures, they will understand the fact that all individuals are equal and that most of the notions they were made to believe were nothing but prejudices of a small section of the society.

Is it possible for people to be close friends with their boss or teacher? Why/why not?

If carried in the right manner, it is easily possible to strike up friendships with bosses or teachers. It’s just that we need to draw the line and know what to say without being foolishly blunt. Since the other person is an authoritative figure, we should be a little bit careful while approaching them and behave with respect. We must know our boundaries and act accordingly.

Many people cannot read or write will in their own language. How can this be solved?

In the case of Indians or citizens from non-European countries, most of them view their mother-tongue to be inferior when compared to a foreign language. With regards to ‘will’ or other documents, the most standardised form of the language is used, with certain terms that even the native speaker of that language would be unaware of. This can be solved by learning more about one’s own language before jumping to a foreign one. We should be clear about the linguistics and semiotics of our language which will make things easier.

People are reading less and less these days; why do you think this is?

In an era where books are being replaced by electronic gadgets, it is not surprising that people read less and are often not interested in reading. They are too busy with their smart phones or laptops that they hardly have the time to read something interesting or relaxing. Even, children are hooked on to video games or online gaming that most of them are ignorant of the benefits of reading. Even if everything is available online, there will be very few people who will have the patience to read and understand what is given. The busy life style of the modern world is also to be blamed for.

Should education be made free for all?

In my opinion, education must be made free for those who are financially or socially backward and not for those who come from well-settled families. Students from lower middle class or low class families must be allowed to study without charging any fees. This will encourage them to study more and be useful members of the society along with their other counterparts.

Should education encourage students to have their own new ideas? Why?

Education is all about learning new things and coming out with fresh ideas. Students must be encouraged to come out with refreshing thoughts as it could be useful for the society in the long

run. Rather than having them quite in class, teachers should allow them to speak more thereby letting them be more creative and outspoken.

Do employers encourage employees to have new ideas on improving the company?

There are certain companies that value their employee feedback. But in most of the cases, such as in the IT or corporate sector, the employees are often told to achieve their tasks within the given time. Here, their ideas are less appreciated and often ignored. In creative fields, employees are encouraged or rather forced to come out with new ideas because creativity is best achieved when it comes from different people having different ideas or opinions.

Should films and television be censored or should we be free to choose what we see?

In an era where thousands of uncensored versions of the same movie could be downloaded, I don’t think censoring certain dialogues or scenes would be of any help towards improving the standards of our society. We should be free to choose whatever we see and film directors and artists should not be imposed with censorship laws. They should be allowed to express freely, the rights and wrongs of the society. All we can do is impose age limits to the content being aired on television or movies.

Should important choices be made by parents rather than by young adults?

Choices should be made by children under the guidance of their parents. If decisions are made by parents, it would not be easily acceptable for their children often causing a rift between both parties. Decisions should be made by the person who is going to deal with it rather than an outsider, be it parents or other elderly people. Children should be made free to make their own choices, provided they are in the right track.

Who should be responsible for making people’s lifestyle healthy?

In my opinion, the responsibility of leading a healthy lifestyle is ours. We must ensure that we take the right food in the right quantity at the right time, not to forget regular exercise. To keep fit is one’s own responsibility rather than wait for the government or other working bodies to take the required steps.

Should teachers use discipline in the classroom?

Discipline should be used in classrooms- not to the extent where students are afraid to speak out but in order to keep them within the required limits. For example, a teacher has to maintain discipline in a noisy class, but she should not use it to terrorise the students. Discipline should be used subtle manner.

Should the media be able to invade the privacy of famous people?

No, media should understand the meaning of the word privacy, when it comes to celebrities. Publishing all kinds of rubbish regarding their lives cannot be counted as journalism. Celebs too have a life of their own- their personal space is not to be invaded. The boundary of privacy should be crossed only when the media feels that they have a point to prove.

Should teacher be an authority or a friend?

For me, teachers should be friendly, because it helps them to mingle with students of different backgrounds and abilities. A weak student will be afraid to approach an authoritative teacher while he/she can openly speak to a friendly one. Teachers should be more welcoming to students and encourage ideas from them. Children should not feel terrified thinking about their teachers as it causes more problems for them.

Should researches be funded by governments or private companies? Why?

I guess, researches should be funded by governments. When under government scholarship, the person conducting the research has more scope and resources- with the adequate money for the project. If funded by private sectors, the result of the project will only be useful for certain groups.

Some people think that friends can never be as important as family. Do you agree?

I don’t agree with this. Friends are an important part of our lives, but not as vital as family. A person first develops a family before he/she goes into the world to make friends. Apart from rare cases where friends are our only solace, primary importance should be given to family itself. Majority of the people forget the fact that if their parents did not allow socialising or sending them to school, making friends would be an almost impossible task.

Some people think that watching TV can be a negative influence. Would you agree?

Yes, continuously watching television could weaken our eyesight-leading to a set of other eye problems. It could also have a negative impression the mindset of an individual, especially children. They could get easily influenced while watching the violence or other obscene scenes on TV. Television has also been blamed for majority of the families falling apart, because no one has time for each other as they are constantly in front of the television.

Talk about a birthday you remember well.

One of the most special birthdays of my life was when I turned 15. Coincidentally, my SSLC exam results happened to arrive one day before my birthday. As I had got a good score, my family and friends decided to throw a surprise party for me. It was different form all the other birthdays because; usually we celebrate only with family. In this case, my sister had called all my friends, those whom I hadn’t seen for some time. Overall, we all had a gala time together.

Talk about a foreign country you are interested in but never have been to.

I would like to visit Paris. The more I hear about Eiffel Tower or watch it in movies, the urge to visit that place grows stronger. The illumination of the tower during the night makes it even more attractive. Apart from that, bits of Paris shown in movies too get me excited to visit the place.

Talk about a hobby you are interested in but never have tried.

I would like to try cooking, especially Punjabi food. I would love to make these dishes by watching cookery shows or referring to various recipes. But due to my busy life, I have not yet got the time to try varieties of Punjabi food. Not only that, some of their ingredients may not suit our tastes or be drowsy for us.

Talk about a job you would like to do in future.

I would love to engage in jobs that require the person to sleep for research purposes. It would be so relaxing- to forget one’s own worries and just sleep, that too for money. Though the research is being carried out for an important cause, the person who is put to test will have nothing to worry as all they have to do is sleep.

Talk about a long term goal or ambition you have.

One of my long term goals involve owing a luxury villa that gives a beautiful sea-view, with a beach nearby. I was always fond of places that are located near some sort of water resources, as it has a sense of calmness attached to it. Watching the waves coming up and down has always been my favourite past time. Though continuous staring could make us dizzy, it is kind of fun and exciting to watch the waves. I hope that in future, I will be able to save money for this and buy my dream house.

Talk about a musical instrument you would like to be able to play but can’t.

I would love to try the violin. I had already tried it few years back but had to stop when my hands started to pain. Violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn because holding it in the right position itself requires a few years of practice. It is only when we get this straight can we focus on the music. Our hands should be held in the right manner; otherwise no sound will come from the violin.

Talk about a pet you have or have had.

I have an Alsatian. We call him Boppu. He has white fur with a few black strips. He has been a part of the family since I was young. We both grew together. One of our favourite spots to hangout was the beach that was near to my house. We used to go there every evening, where I used to make mud castles and he used to bring certain things from our house to decorate the castle. He is a dear member of our family- my dad’s morning walk companion and my mom’s security guard. He is really fussy when it comes to food- he had to have the meat fully cooked with the right amount of salt and want his eggs to be fresh. Unlike other dogs, he does not have the habit of barking at every stranger that comes to our house, in fact he is rather a really welcoming host.

Talk about a place in your country you have never been to but would like to visit.

Amidst the beautiful places that exist in India, I would like to visit Himachal Pradesh. The state is really beautiful, with scenic hill stations that make us believe that this is heaven. As majority of the people live in rural areas, the naturalistic beauty of the state has still been preserved. Though the climatic conditions seem to be extreme, the state is worth watching. Apart from beauty, the state also has a wide range of arts and craft materials that make it famous amidst the international countries. The state is also know for various adventure sports , which makes it interesting for me.

Disclaimer: This model has been prepared by an IELTS faculty trained by IDP and British Council as an example of a very good answer. However, please note that this is just one example out of many possible approaches. We have included maximum ideas, of which even if you remember a few points you can win the task. Don’t memorise this sample answer, they are published only for you to understand the standard pattern in speaking task. You would never get the same question in the real test, a question of similar model can be expected.

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