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Useful Phrases for Essay Writing

It is quite common these days

The trend is not restricted

But is also evident among

For a period of time

The reason for this trend may involve

Is rather restricted

By contrast

Have a broader view of life

They tend to be

Which is a very important factor

As well as

In terms of coping with the challenges


May end up

They may think that

But over all

This less likely

Are essential for getting

My view is that

Should be encouraged

Broaden their horizons

That is the best way for them

With such a perspective

The most effective and motivated once

The best way to gain this


Is heavily influenced

We now understand

More than ever before

Yet we are still unable

Are able to develop with

Surely depends on

Whether the circumstances

Allow such a development

it seems that

Are so unpredictable

So powerful that

They can boost or over-ride other

There seems to be plenty of


Are constantly interacting

It this were not true

We should be able to predict

In conclusion

I don’t think that

How these factors interact is still unknown

They remain largely unpredictable

I think it is true that

In almost every country

The reason why we have so much

A daily basis

In modern life

Is also a result of

We forget that

We also forget that

I think


That governments need to raise

This awareness

Can be educated about

Need to take action

Governments can encourage such action

Such measure could really

Certainly nobody wants to


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