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Useful Phrases for Essay Writing

A bed of roses

A daily basis

A gem of man

A herculean task

A lucrative job

A man of 

A man of his words

A man on the street

Abide by

Abide by the rules

Acts of violence

After noon

All set to go 

Allow such a development

Always tends to

Amid the crowd

Amidst controversies

Are able to develop with

Are constantly interacting

Are essential for getting

Are so unpredictable

As soon as

As well as

Asked for 

At 7 pm

At a loss

At large

At my fingertips

At my wits end

At the end of the day

At their own discretion

Beating about the bush

Behind the scenes

Between the devil and the deep sea

Beyond description

Blue- collar one

Break in


Bring about

Bring up

Bring up

Broaden their horizons

Broke out

Broke out

Brought about

Brought to light

Building castles in the air

Burn the midnight oil

But is also evident among

But over all

By and large

By contrast

By hook or by crook

By no means

Call for

Call it a day

Call off

Call on

Call out

Called off

Came across

Can be educated about

Carry on

Carry out

Catch on

Certainly nobody wants to

Check out

Child’s play

Come forward

Come what may

Could not be admitted

Count on

Crossing the limits

Crying for the moon

Cut a sorry figure

Cut in

Cut off

Cutting edge

Depends on


Digging your own grave

Dine out

Do away with

Do over

Draw the line

Drop in

Drop out

Eat out

Ended up 

Enough is enough

Every now and then

Everybody needs to know

Fall out

Fallen flat

Fast track

Fell on deaf ears

Figure out

First and foremost

First come, first served

For a period of time

For an hour

For want of seats

For want of time

Fore noon

Four corners of the world

Gain an upper hand

Gaining ground

Gave away

Gave up

Get across

Get along with

Get away

Get on

Get through

Give away

Give in

Go about

Go bag and baggage

Go through

Going for

Going to

Gone on

Good books

Got out of hand

Got the lion’s share

Got through

Governments can encourage such action

Greener pastures

Had been

Had to

Hand on

Hand to mouth existence

Hard and fast rules

Has been

Has run into debt

Has to

Have a broader view of life

Have been

Have to 

Have to

Have turned up

He gave vent to

He moved heaven and earth

He put off

He set his heart

He set off

High and the mighty

His bread and butter

Hold back

How these factors interact is still unknown


I am afraid

I don’t think that

I think

I think it is true that

I will ring up

I would like to

Ignorance is bliss 

In agony

In almost every country

In black and white

In conclusion

In full swing

In good faith.

In high spirits

In modern life

In search of

In smoke

In terms of coping with the challenges

In the in-depth analysis

In the long run

In the long run

In the midst of political unrest

In the morning

In the noon

In time

Indulge in

Inspite of


Is a good quality

Is also a result of

Is cosmos, not chaos 

Is gaining ground

Is gaining momentum

Is heavily influenced

Is not justifiable

Is rather restricted

Is to 

It is high time

It is not easy to 

It is quite common these days

It seems that

It this were not true

Jack-of-all trades

Jump to

Keep an eye

Keep at a distance

Keep at arm’s length

Keep away

Keep of

Keep our fingers crossed

Keep up

Knock down

Lay out

Leaving for good

Look after

Look out

Look out

Losing ground

Made a fortune

Made his mark

Make both ends meet

Make out

Make out

Make shift

Mark up

May end up

More than ever before

Most of the

My view is that

Need to take action

Nipped in the bud

Not been able

Of late

Off the beaten track

On the spur of the moment

On time

Once in a blue moon

Once is enough

One has to 

One should be

One way or the other

Order of the day


Part and parcel

Pat on the back

Pull a few strings

Pull up

Put aside

Put by

Put everybody in the same boat

Put off

Put off

Put on

Put our heads together

Put out

Put up with

Putting the cart before the horse

Reap the harvest

Red tapism

Root out


Run down

Run into

Run out

Salad days of the millennium

See off

Set aside

Set back

Set in

Set off

Set out

Settle the bill

Should be encouraged

Show up

Skim through

So powerful that

Some startling facts 

Splitting hair

Stand by

Stand out

Stand up for

Stood the test of time

Struck gold

Such measure could really

Surely depends on

Swim against the current

Take into account

Take of

Take up

Talk over

Talked over the matter

Tear up

That governments need to raise

That is the best way for them

The best way to gain this

The ebb and flow

The eye of the storm

The gift of the gab

The heart to disobey

The ins and outs of

The miseries of

The most effective and motivated once

The other side of the coin

The reason for this trend may involve

The reason why we have so much

The situation seems to have

The trend is not restricted

There is no point in

There seems to be plenty of


They can boost or over-ride other

They may think that

They remain largely unpredictable

They tend to be

Think ahead of one’s time

Think over

This awareness

This evening

This less likely

This morning

Till next week

To bring up 

To conclude

To formulate

To lose heart

To my mind

To pull together

To some

To speak out

To yearn for 



Took little notice of

Tooth and nail

Truth triumphs

Turn down

Turn on

Turn out

Turn over

Turned a deaf ear

Turned against

Turned down

Turned over a new leaf

Turns out

Vicious circle

Was tailor made

Washing one’s dirty linen in public

Watch out

We also forget that

We forget that

We now understand

We saw him off

We should be able to predict

Well-balanced views

Were deprived of

What matters most is 

Whether the circumstances

Which is a very important factor

White-collar job

Win over

With such a perspective

Within her means

Without any rhyme or reason

Works out 

Would be a 

Would you please

Yet we are still unable

Yield to

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