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Sample responses for Personal Introduction Task in PTE

Read the prompt below. In 25 seconds, you must reply in your won words, as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 30 seconds to record your response. You response will be sent together with your score report to the institutions selected by you.

  • Your interest

Ans: I am a software Engineer, I have some unusual hobbies. Unlike the usual lot I like to go for horse riding on weekends. It has been my hobby since I studied in schools. I went to a residential school when I was a kid and that is when I learnt to ride a horse.

  • Your plans for further study

Ans: As a software engineer, living in a remote area of my town, I am not exposed to many advancements in the technology. This opportunity to study abroad opens my vistas of knowledge and I would be able to learn the current and latest technological advancements in the area of my studies.

  • Why you want to study abroad

Ans: My country although is equipped with a lot of finest universities of the world, I think without visiting a foreign country my education, how much ever I learn, would remain incomplete, like a candle in the vessel. To brighten my exposure and horizon I should travel to a developed country and bring home the best advancements of the world.

  • Why you need to learn English

Ans: English is the language of the developed nations. I learn English because to study well, to survive, to ask, to answer, to communicate with the local people and to make my self safe and secure, I think I should learn English. It is not advisable to learn all languages of the world, instead it it recommended to learn the one language which can be carried with me through out the world.

  • Why you chose this test

Ans: Unlike any other International English Testing exams, PTE is considered better by mostly of my seniors and friends. They recommended this test to me. I don’t simple get carried away with other opinion. I did a fair amount of research to astonish myself with some details that this exam is fully computerized and a human ego cannot limit my scores. Beyond that it was easy for me to schedule and get a date at my convenience. The mock-tests available in the website is also very helpful. Finally, I hear the result is being declared in a couple of days.

These are sample answers written and posted by trained – experienced and efficient faculty members of Casper Academy. You can use it as a sample. However there are many ways of answering the same task. 

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