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Sample Role Play 1

Role-player Card No.1

Setting: Hospital Ward


You are a parent of a 14 year old boy. Your son had a convulsive seizure (epileptic fit) earlier in the day at play ground and was brought to the hospital by school ambulance. A nurse has just come to tell you that your son is about to be discharged from the hospital and you decide to ask him.her for information about what to do were your son to have another convulsive seizure.


  • Ask what epilepsy is and what causes epilepsy.
  • Explain your concern that your daughter may have other convulsive seizure, and that you need to know what your should, or should not do.
  • Ask when you should call an ambulance.
  • Ask what other support might be available.

Candidate Card No.1

Setting: Hospital Ward


The parent of a 14 year old boy asks for your co-operation in answering questions about a convulsive seizure (epilepsy) and what to do if his/her son had another seizure following his discharge from the hospital sometime later today. Listen carefully to the parent’s questions. Do your best to answer the questions. Stress the need to stay calm, and not become over-anxious.


  • Briefly explain epilepsy (disruption of electrochemical brain activity) and general symptoms (e.g., muscle jerking, sometimes post-seizure tiredness or incontinence, etc.).
  • Explain what the parent should do it the son has another convulsive seizure at home (e.g., lie on side, remove harmful objects, no object near mouth, check breathing, etc.).
  • Explain when to call an ambulance.
  • Explain that there is an Epilepsy Foundation which could, on request, give the parent more information about epilepsy, its details will be in the local telephone book or on the internet.


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