How important is dress code in our lives?

Do you consider that dressing appropriately is important or are you of the opinion that everyone should be able to wear exactly what they like?

Give reasons for your answer and include Any relevant examples from your own knowledge of experience.

Dress code is the code of the civilised and well-informed. Gone are the days when people used to dress the way they like to. These are days when dressing for every occasion is planned well ahead. We live in a world of international cultural transactions. In this era we can’t afford not to follow the accepted wisdom of the modern world. Children going to schools, labours, office workers, managers, even housewives who attend special occasions have to be considerate about the dress code. It is true that the significance of dress code is irrevocable. People’s dress code majorly depends on the job they do, who or which company they represent and how they would like to be perceived by others.

Ones way of dressing, the colour they wear, the material they choose to use and the shape and design of the dress largely is influenced by the kind of job one does. Usually people who work in medical surgical departments wear green gowns, whereas nurses in some hospitals wear blue other wear white, police wear khaki. So goes the story. The comfort of the employee is taken into consideration while deciding on the material companies choose to offer their employees. Each factory has its own style in uniforms for their employees. A man working in the field is not dressed up like a police man or a politician, although he might be one of them.

At times depending on who we represent we choose to dress. A person representing a lion in the market, in other words a huge – famous business, such as Facebook, infotech, Google, may not dress like an ordinary may who represents a bee (a small firm) in the market. The product we deal with, or the presentation we do, or the kind of value we get to the company we represent ultimately depends on how we dress on a special occasion in which we meet our clientele.

What we want other to perceive about us largely makes us decide upon how and what we dress like. Some people expect other to respect them, some want others to love them, some want others to obey them and some wants others to co-operate with them and others want others to notice them. Depending on their expectations on other, people decide to dress. Gandhiji decided to be half-naked and wore hand-made cotton dress because he wanted people to accept him as one among them. A police man who keeps the law and order of the state dresses up for authority. And mother Theresa who wanted to love and be loved clothed in simple white cotton saree with thin blue lines. finally the politicians who want people to believe that they are flawless dress up in white clothing in India.

Although people have a lot of choice to the way they choose to dress, their choice largely depends on the factors mentioned above.

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