Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work. How do you think children should spend their free time?

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School work is an extra activity given to school children to keep them engaged at home. In my country we call it Home works. Children are fun lovers. They have a lot to do. They are curious about anything between mean and mere. They are too new to this world and they don’t realise the importance of time and how to utilise it effectively. Although some feel it is too much time, children usually feel they get less time to play. I believe doing school work during free time is not the only thing to be done at home. After all knowledge shared from texts and schools are too narrow for a growing citizen of today’s world. Children need to explore a lot of areas of life, although we cannot neglect the significances of doing class work at home.

To begin with, children have to spend their leisure time with their friends or family by watching TV, playing, attending parties, doing assignments allotted by teachers and so on. Today, children have a highly sophisticated syllabus and have to work a lot at school in order to achieve good scores. Mentally and physically they have to be active in the school environment in order to become successful in their studies. So during the free time they must be totally free or out of from studies, in order to relax themselves. Otherwise, being a student, he / she may be over burdened. It will create boredom and gradually results in less interest towards study. For instance, children who have to attend school for 6 or 7 hours daily should get adequate rest and peace. They have to sleep from 6 to 8 hours on a daily basis. Taking rest helps to boost their minds and thoughts up and on the next day they will be as active as other children are. Inadequate leisure time and lack of sleep will badly affect a child’s mental and physical health.

It is the duty of the elders like parents and teachers to engage children with useful and fun filled activities. So that children can learn the lessons of life even while they are at play. It doesn’t mean that school work is less significant. It should also be done. Managing children’s available time often is not that easy. The amount of time spent on each activity can be measured and kept in control, if required. There are many books and softwares available today to plan learning activities for children. These activities are fun filled and educative. While at play they can also learn poems, vocabulary, number and many more. Children should be motivated and encouraged to play such games and indulge in such activities to learn even when they are free from they school and syllabus.

To conclude, free time is very important in a child’s life and should be utilized well. Parents have to arrange a flexible time schedule for the children to study, to play and to relax. Parents should advice their children to utilise their free time properly rather than by wasting the precious time.


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