It has recently been suggested that the classical, or “dead”, languages Latin and Greek should be re-introduced into the school curriculum. Those that oppose the idea claim that the ancient languages are of no practical use and no help in getting a job. Those in favour of the idea say that education is more about training the mind than preparing for a career.

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Which of these points of view do you agree with most? Support your argument with reasons and/or examples from your own experience and observations.


Education has a purpose. True education is to enable pupils to grow into useful adults. A useful adult in this century must be someone who is able to serve the society with the skills and ability he acquired from his education. How would a person be expected to serve a society by learning odd and not-in-use languages? There are private colleges and institution where someone can learn such languages. At school, if these old languages are included in syllabus it would be a burden to students.

Unlike the olden days, today students have a lot to learn, cut-throat competition has revised the syllabus to an irrevocable level where one has to learn all advanced subjects even in primary schools. This trend has increased the burden already. Let alone the introduction of odd languages into the syllabus would kill the interest of the person willing to study and benefit from schools.

Not everybody is going to learn language and culture when they become adults. I don’t say learning an old language is bad, but those who would like to learn those languages for professional or research reasons can opt their higher studies in special colleges where these languages are taught.

Humans need to upgrade and make their conversation more understandable and comfortable. Most of the countries have their local medium schools converted into English medium schools already. It is because of the growing need for the language. In studies, in research, in mass communication, in media and many more industries, today, English has widely been used and the benefits are immense. This common wold language serves the world far better than any other ancient language.

I strongly believe that there are more essential subjects to learn at schools than learning a language. One regional language and one second language ‘English’ will certainly serve the purpose of time. Therefore, it is not necessary to have some age-old ancient languages to be included in school syllabus.


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