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More and more students are studying at universities abroad, either because it is cheaper, or because they feel they can receive a better education, or because it will provide them with greater professional opportunities.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. Support your argument with reasons and/or examples from your own experience and observations.


The trend recently popular in almost all countries is studying in a foreign university. Many might think this is a new trend. Absolutely no! This has been an age old practise in countries like India. We have evidences of our eminent leaders and rich business people who did their graduation or post graduation or research programmes in foreign universities even 80 years before. However, this trend has wide speed that even people from not-well-to-do families also try and send their children abroad for a foreign graduation. It is because this has become the need of the hour. When the trend gained ground, there arose a lot of disputes as well.

By graduating or specialising a particular form a reputed institute in a foreign country or from a top-graded university is a feather added to one’s hat. This is why students who graduated from top universities get greater professional opportunities both in their home country as well as countries abroad. Come universities are not as developed as universities in developed countries, therefore people opt to study for reason such as better education. By being abroad and living with the people there while studying in a foreign country students learn their culture and the diversity in the language. To know the world around one must certainly travel and that is not an obligation. That is a necessary act. Most developed countries are equipped with advanced technologies, while learning in a foreign county students get to learn and explore these technologies and bring them along  to their own county also after education. A chance to migrate and settle in a more developed country, is a thought well agreed and widely accepted by most people in the world today. Chances to earn better than what people could in their home country builds their economical status among their neighbours in their home country.

On the other hand, how much ever advantages lie ahead some people are scared to travel or study abroad for some of these reasons such as eduction being costly and often not affordable for the poor and mediocre class people. They may have to sell or pledge their only asset land to send their children for studies. Students who study in foreign universities often find separation from their dear and near ones to be disgusting and tedious to deal with. News sometimes threaten us about children being spoiled, rapped or tortured in foreign countries. For some typical people even cultural diversity and cultural shock can be reasons for not wanting to study abroad or send their children for such advancements.

In the midst of all these confusions, more then million people every year travel to developed counties such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Uk and USA for higher studies. I understand that people only look at the advantages of learning abroad and neglect the ill-erects for holistic development.

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