Tips to do well with Repeat Sentence part in PTE test.

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In this section, you hear a sentence. You are asked to repeat the sentence exactly as you heard it. You do ten to twelve of these items, depending on the combination of items in your test.

In this part of the test you will be given a sentence or a portion of a long sentence to be repeated. The prompt appears on the screen once and the test taker is expected to repeat the sentence heard in the content. This not a memory test. This is but a test to determine your skill sin listening and speaking skills.

There are majorly 3 things assessed. Your Fluency, Pronunciation skills, Ability to speak the Content. Read the sentence as fluently as possible with pausing or breaking the sentence at inappropriate section. Only pause at punctuations. Pronounce the words clearly and loudly. Read the way you speak. Modulate the content in the speaking manner.

In this task you should make out the meaning of the sentence you heard, take sufficient notes about the sentence in the note pad given to you, as it usually will be given in all the test centres, focus on the sentence, don’t rush on don’t be too slow. Try and repeat as many words as possible in the sequence spoken by the speaker. Attempt to speak in a natural tone so that you don’t have to articulate or imitate the speaking in the track you listened to. Speak in a natural accent that you are familiar with. Keep going even if you make a slight mistake. Don’t correct yourself.



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