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OET Role Play 12



NURSING SETTING - Accident and Emergency - PATIENT

You are a 21 year-oldwho sustained severe burns to your right arm after a trafficaccident. You arecurrently in chronic pain. Youareto haveaskin grafton your arm.Some months ago, you moved out of yourparents’ home to aflat with three friends andyourpresent lifestyle is hectic and full.You areanxious and worried thatyour lifestyle willchange. You are deeply concerned that you may havelost full use of yourarm.


  • Ask the nurse what is going to happen when the skin is grafted. Will it heal? Willyou have the full use of your arm?
  • Express worry about your new job and commitments to your basketball team andyour need toresume those as soon as possible.
  • Ask if this kind of pain is normal? Could it mean the injury is permanent?


NURSING SETTING - Accident and Emergency - NURSE

The patient is a 21 year-old who sustained severe burns to her/his right arm after a traffic accident.  She/He is currently in pain. The patient has been told she/ he will needto have a skin graft.


  • Answer the patient’s questions in a calm manner.
  • Reassure the patient and offer to arrange a friend or relative to be present.
  • Explain to the patient that although burn injuries feel painful, she/ he is readily treatable and it is normal for people to successfully resume their normal lifestyle.


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