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Forms of verbs


 Memorise these verb forms to speak and write well in English.

is, was, been                           

feed, fed, fed                                
shine, shone, shone 

are, were, been                       

feel, felt, felt                                  

shine, shined, shined

do, did, done                            

fight, fought, fought                    

shoot, shot, shot

dose, did, done                        

get, got, got                                  

slay, slew, slain

run, ran, run                              

forget, forgot, forgotten           

sleep, slept, slept

see, saw, seen                          

forgive, forgave, forgiven           

smell, smelt, smelt

has, had, had                            

freeze, froze, frozen                   

spell, spelt, spelt

have, had, had                          

give, gave, given                          

spit, spat, spat

eat, ate, eaten                          

grow, grew, grown                      

spill, spilt, spilt

speak, spoke, spoken              

hear, heard, heard                        

spoil, spoilt, spoilt

become, became, become      

hide, hid, hidden                          

steal, stole, stolen

begin, began, begun                

beat, beat, beaten                        

strike, struck, struck

send, sent, sent                         

hold, held, held                            

stick, stuck, stuck

spend, spent, spent                 

hurt, hurt, hurt                              

swear, swore, sworn

lend, lent, lent                           

know, knew, known                    

sweep, swept, swept

grant, granted, granted           

lay, laid, laid                                   

swim, swam, swum

die, died, died                            

lie, lay, lain                                    

teach, taught, taught

bite, bit, bitten                          

lie, lied, lied                                  

throw, threw, thrown

blow, blew, blown                    

lead, led, led                                 

wake, woke, woken

break, broke, broken                

leave, left, left                               

weep, wept, wept

build, built, built                       

light, lit/lighted, lit/lighted         

win, won, won

buy, bought, bought                 

mean, meant, meant                   

welcome, welcomed, welcome/ed

catch, caught, caught              

meet, met, met                           

bear, bore, borne/born

choose, chose, chosen             

wind, wound, wound                  

drink, drank, drunk

Cost, cost, cost                          

ride, rode, ridden                       

rewrite, rewrote, rewritten

spread, spread, spread            

ring, rang, rung                             

forecast, forecast, forecast

Deal, dealt, dealt                      

rise, rose, risen                             

broadcast, broadcast, broadcast

dig, dug, dug                             

seek, sought, sought                   

ground, grounded, grounded

dream, dreamt, dreamt           

sell, sold, sold                              

grind, ground, ground

drive, drove, driven                  

shake, shook, shaken                  

mistake, mistook, mistaken

read, read, read


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