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A shortcut to Grammar

A few terms in Grammar you should be aware of:

Will, Shall:         

Everybody shall die. Shall we come now?

The employees shall be on a monthly basis.

I will do it.

He will do it.

They will not come.  

(Now the recent developments in English allows you to use WILL on most occasions)


I would like to go to America. I would like to tell you something. (Phrases)                        

Would you please do me a favour? Would you mind if I smoke? (Politeness)

If I were a bird, I would fly. (Hypothetical) Gandhiji would argue with Nehru.

He would smoke a lot before his death. (Used to) He told me that he would come (Tense Sequence) I would rather die, than beg


You should keep left. Should I be given a chance, I shall work diligently. (IF)


I have a car. He has a car. They have a car. I had a car. I have had my lunch.

Has, Had:         

I have to get it now. I had to go to Kottayam. I had a haircut.

Do, Does:      

Lal doesn’t know English. Lal and Gopi don’t do Yoga. He does not smoke.


He didn’t go to church. Who doesn’t have a car? Do they practice yoga?


Mammotty may come.


Lal might come. Lal might have come.


I can lift an elephant. Could: I could not help him. Could you please put me to Miss. Mary? Could you please do me a favour? You could do that.            


Let it be like that. To be or not to be is the question. If Veerappan were the P.M., how nice It would have been!


Being a trainer, I forgive you.

It being a holiday let us go for a film.

It is being painted.


Having a car attracts overheads.

Having enough funds, he could sleep well.

Ought to:             

We ought to respect our parents.

Used to:

I used to smoke when I was in the Gulf.


She got married.

He got selected.

I’ve got it repaired.

I am getting lots of proposals.


Bachchan knows how to dance.

I know little Sanskrit.  

The rich have exploited the poor.

Everybody/ Nobody/ Each/Every/ Everyone knows English.

(Agreement of verb with Subject is important in English)


Humble Kevin is quietly leading a simple life in the midst of horrible hooligans,


great plotters, grandiose friends, regressive politicians and silly students.


An apple a day keeps the greedy doctor away.

I am going to the UK.

He is the man.

Hoarding will affect the availability of staple food.

The news is shocking.

Various Structures:

I wish I had a car.

He made me cry.

One of my Friends has gone to Calicut.

I look forward to hearing from you.

First come, first served.

The earlier the better.

It being a holiday, why should I come?


(Little, Few, Less, Seldom, Scarcely and rarely mean not enough.

(They are not totally negative.)

We know little about the origin of the universe.

Little knowledge is dangerous.

I have a little money for you. He hardly knows anything.


Few people attended the meeting.

Few have understood the Theory of lativity.

A few:

A few people attended the meeting.

The few:

The few people who had gathered there have also vanished.


Hardly anybody was there for the gathered there have also vanished.

Hardly anybody was there for the meeting.

Would have:

if I were there, the SI wouldn’t have beaten you.

Should have:

You should have told it to me yesterday.

Could have:

I could have helped you if needed.


Kevin, the innovative Magician, has a passion for novelty.

Gandhi, the renowned advocate of ahimsa, was assassinated.


Watching too much TV is injurious to health.

Eating meat will make you rude.


In the morning, at night, at home, in the long run. To my mind. In the meantime.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I am leaving for good. Sachin called it a day.


Let’s have lunch. Walking distance. In dire need. Pay attention. Ride a bike.

Complex Sentences:

She became the leader. Only because her father was assassinated.

As I have no wheels, how can I come for the meeting?

Compound sentences:

India is booming while the poor people are being exploited.

When Veerappan was after money, our bureaucrats are after power and money.

Has been:                    

He has been smoking for five years.

Have been:

I have been teaching English for he last 20 years.

(We have lived here for 20 years. This is correct) I had been working in the Gulf from 1976 to 1996. Gandhi had been assassinated.


I have been working since March, 08.


I have been studying here for 3 months.

He has left for the US.

But for the fact that I am a woman, I should have hit him down.

Reported speech:     

He told me that he would come. I asked him whether he would accompany me.

Correlative Conjunction:                

Both Lal and Sal have come.

Either you go or I will. It is too heavy for me to lift.

The more you eat, the fatter you become.

Transitive Verb:        

Rahul killed a mosquito.

Intransitive verb:

Mr. Birdy died.

Birds fly.


I saw the saw mill.

Ice is not good for eyes.

I saw a sewing machine.

Conditional Clause:  

If were you, I would have scored a 9 band.

If you cook, I will fast.





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