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Impressive Grammatical Structures

  1. Hope for the best‘.
  2. Keep your fingers crossed‘.
  3. Look before you leap‘.
  4. A political reform is the need of the day.
  5. After he kicked the bucket, I took charge of his business.
  6. After that incident, I couldn’t meet her.
  7. After the turn of a decade since Tsunami, business started to pick up in Kerala.
  8. Aiming at 8777 in one shot is going to cost you a fortune.
  9. Arabians are reluctant to express love.
  10. Are we still on for the party?
  11. Are you aware of your limitations?
  12. Aristotle talked as if he knew what Philosophy is.
  13. As such, check your inference before you write the conclusion.
  14. Assumption isn’t just like presumption.
  15. Babies grow in sleep.
  16. Be at the right training institute to be good at English.
  17. Be in the good books of the Head Master.
  18. Be obnoxious not to lose your money.
  19. Be proactive.
  20. Be suspicious about all ideas you learn.
  21. Being pious, I forgive you.
  22. Better you pick me tomorrow.
  23. Between you and me, she is seeing Rakesh.
  24. Beware of the ideologists.
  25. But for the fact that I am a trainer, I would have knocked you down.
  26. Canada suffers for want of skilled labour in all fields.
  27. Come what may, despite being stupendous, he failed the exam.
  28. Despite suffering the consequences of her evil ways, Ms. Mani Kala finds it hard to mend her ways.
  29. Dinesh and I were there when it took place.
  30. Do you want me to drop you home?
  31. Does she resemble her pet?
  32. Dogs eat so that they live.
  33. Education is just the means to an understanding that you know nothing.
  34. Either take it or break it, if you don’t need it.
  35. Every morning I go for a yoga session.
  36. Everyone had to take off h(er/is) shoes at the entrance.
  37. For want of sufficient practise materials, OET is losing grounds now.
  38. Gandhiji brought the British to their knees.
  39. Go and clip your nails.
  40. Had he lived until the late 16th century, he would have seen talking characters in movies.
  41. Had you fastened your seat belt, the air hostess would not have touched your buckle.
  42. Hardly did anybody notice their children living in harmony.
  43. Have you weighed the Parcel?
  44. Having no wheels, the test taker took the metro train for his exam.
  45. He abstains from criticising his colleagues.
  46. He boasts of his wife’s beauty.
  47. He congratulated Raju on his success.
  48. He delivered a thought provoking piece of music.
  49. He doesn’t have a magic wand to have the exam cleared.
  50. He got on his horse and rode back to the palace.
  51. He had to climb all the stairs as the lift was out of order.
  52. He has everything but a wife.
  53. He has hardly any chance to succeed.
  54. He has not only blasphemed, but also betrayed Jesus.
  55. He hid himself behind his teacher.
  56. He insisted on my appearing for the exam this month.
  57. He is an expert in prolonging all his activities.
  58. He is going to ‘call it a day’.
  59. He is in the hospital.
  60. He is very proud of his possessions.
  61. He knows how to ride a donkey.
  62. He lost the opportunity for want of attitude.
  63. He made enough, although he works in India.
  64. He ran on foot drenched in the rain to the class.
  65. He said that he would come the next year.
  66. He studied at Casper Academy of Excellence.
  67. He succeeded in dispensing the medicine to all.
  68. He succeeded in proving his innocence.
  69. He used to drive me home when I studied with him.
  70. Her father-in-law would not let her join the course.
  71. Her infatuation for that dog led her astray.
  72. Her kids are married off.
  73. Her riches takes him nowhere.
  74. His daughter was not surprised.
  75. His death made me cry.
  76. His displeasure alienated him from the student’s group on WhatsApp.
  77. His strong conviction blew my love for him away.
  78. How is he getting on with his new boss?
  79. I am going to appear for the exam.
  80. I am good at playing Piano.
  81. I am growing tall.
  82. I am hard pressed to pay my bills.
  83. I am nuts about Black Forest.
  84. I am planning to have her hair cut.
  85. I am sorry for my being innocent.
  86. I am still in the dark about the three missing girls in the city.
  87. I asked him what he was doing.
  88. I bought a caravan to live in.
  89. I called on him at his home.
  90. I do not believe in pampering disruptive children.
  91. I fancied the pleasure of meeting him.
  92. I get up at half past 4 every morning.
  93. I got married; and it was my lot.
  94. I had my breakfast.
  95. I had to pay SAR 7000- as fine.
  96. I have great confidence in his wives.
  97. I have had my Brunch.
  98. I have had no sedatives since my wife left to Saudi.
  99. I have little interest to share my life with you.
  100. I have not seen him for a decade now.
  101. I have not seen him since his marriage.
  102. I have seen the games people play.
  103. I have written the letter in ink.
  104. I hope she wouldn’t cope with all this work.
  105. I hung the picture on the wall.
  106. I insisted on having my say on air.
  107. I look forward to seeing you.
  108. I Noticed the boy loot the Bike.
  109. I often think of making love with the nature around me.
  110. I prefer PTE to IELTS.
  111. I refrained from pulling his legs.
  112. I rejoiced on my student’s success.
  113. I shall be grateful, if you would hand it over to me in black and white.
  114. I shall see to that.
  115. I sold it on OLX for next to nothing.
  116. I spat on him the other day.
  117. I still smell a rat even after the courts justification about the river Kaveri.
  118. I suspect him of having sold the car.
  119. I thought I’d pay the exam center a visit.
  120. I took the piece of advice with a pinch of salt.
  121. I was taught to be pious.
  122. I wish I could go to Australia.
  123. I wish I could speak Spanish and French besides English.
  124. I wish I had enough confidence to appear for the exam.
  125. I wish I were Intelligent enough to answer your doubts.
  126. I would be the last one to elect him.
  127. I would like to marry Mary.
  128. I’d want you to sing me the song.
  129. If he invites me, I will attend his brother’s marriage.
  130. If I were you, I would grab all the snickers at once.
  131. If it is blowing, let it blow.
  132. If only you’d aroused your doubts earlier, I would have been more than happy to provide you with sufficient knowledge.
  133. If you do me a favour, I will be grateful to you.
  134. If you had intimated me, I would have permitted you for the holiday.
  135. If you were there, he would not have insulted me.
  136. In Saudi Arabia, I used to get SAR 7500 + perks (perquisites).
  137. Indians have no prejudice against Pakistanis.
  138. Indonesians are not a hero-worshipping lot.
  139. Is that book worth reading?
  140. Is the book worth the booker’s price?
  141. It greatly depends on his rendezvous with his boss in time.
  142. It is being done.
  143. It is high time you Behaved yourself.
  144. It is likely to happen thrice before the end of the season.
  145. It is nothing but the stereo-type idea.
  146. It is said that times have wings.
  147. It suits you the best.
  148. It was he who threw himself down the plane.
  149. Her Necklace weighs about a Kilogram.
  150.  It’s nice to meet you here.
  151. It’s better if you visit LULU today itself, since there is an early bird discount.
  152. Kavitha is but a dog in her den.
  153. Kevin is a six footer.
  154. Kevin knew little Greek.
  155. Lack of opportunity is a major bone of contention these days among the educated.
  156. Last but not least.
  157. Last year I rode my to school every day.
  158. Let him also know the whereabouts of it.
  159. Let him be there.
  160. Let it be there.
  161. Let us have something.
  162. Let’s go Dutch after having the starters.
  163. Many people have died of the flood in Kerala in 2018.
  164. Millions were indebted to the government during the financial Crisis.
  165. Mind your head in the lift.
  166. Mr. George Pious a bit of a neat freak.
  167. Mr. Modi needs a break.
  168. Mr. Paul, accompanied by his family, has left India, for good.
  169. Mr. Devassy knows how to play the Drum and the piano together.
  170. Mr.Hills could afford to lose his designation.
  171. Ms. Mani Kala as well as her ministers has been arrested after the incident.
  172. My best bet is that the bishop is innocent in this alleged ground.
  173. My brother is poorer than I.
  174. My son-in-law is preparing for Maths examination in his study.
  175. My students will arrive at 10am on Wednesday, for the discourse.
  176. Neither of them has been to ‘Veega Land’ before it was grounded.
  177. Never did anyone realise that Marin would desert Kevin after getting a job in Paris.
  178. Now Nirav has the means to live but restricted only to a hand to mouth existence.
  179. Once there lived a great Pauper, Descartes.
  180. One must conform to all the rules of the land.
  181. One should abide by the laws of the land. One should take care of one’s wealth.
  182. OPS got graduated after burning the midnight oil.
  183. Pay the bills or meet me at the restaurant.
  184. Philosophy is nothing but love for knowledge.
  185. Philosophy is transient.
  186. Please feel at home when you are at Casper Academy.
  187. Please turn of/off (switch off) the system when not in use.
  188. Preaching for many pastors is bread and butter.
  189. Psychologists aren’t fond of talking.
  190. Save a little money, when you are abroad.
  191. She is at the table.
  192. She is your well-wisher.
  193. She must apologise for not keeping her promises.
  194. Socrates studied round the clock to impress his father.
  195. Some Boys in Kottayam cry for the moon?
  196. Some Nurses were married to the rich and the ill-informed.
  197. Stephen, the priest, was caught red-handed.
  198. Teach your children for the morrow.
  199. The admission for piano class is on.
  200. The Australians are fond of Music.
  201. The boys have been fed up with the girls for centuries now.
  202. The cat was feeding its kitten.
  203. The class had finished before I arrived to the school.
  204. The CM is on edge because of his own statements.
  205. The CM, accompanied by his 11 ministers, has attended the funeral.
  206. The comedian did his homework well, for his audition.
  207. The credibility of the senator speech is in question.
  208. The cry for a land-fill site in the city is gathering momentum.
  209. The custom of tipping the priest used to be prevalent in churches.
  210. The deprived wives in India need a break.
  211. The disciples simply had to take it on faith that there is a creator of all the creations.
  212. The disciples were loyal to Jesus.
  213. The earlier you get your VISA, the better it is.
  214. The examinee elaborated the idea reasonably well.
  215. The girl has planted a few trees on opposition.
  216. The girls and the boys are mocking at each other.
  217. The have knocked him down on purpose.
  218. The Hen laid 2 eggs.
  219. The history behind the creation of the universe is beyond the reach of science.
  220. The ice breaking session at the beginning of the test gets over with 5 random questions.
  221. The idea has flowed over his brains.
  222. The ill-informed are prejudiced against the well-informed.
  223. The invention of mobile applications was a break through.
  224. The less you harm children, the better they grow to be useful adults.
  225. The life of EPS is rags-to-riches story.
  226. The little money he saved during his contract was spend on the damages and reconstruction of the bridge.
  227. The mechanic loosened the nuts to remove the tyre off the car.
  228. The member of the opposition party is the one behind all these humours.
  229. The members of Staff are accountable only to the CEO.
  230. Ms. Anjali couldn’t bear with her roommates.
  231. The metro Project is yet to get completed in some major cities of India.
  232. The more you listen to the wise, the wiser you grow to be.
  233. The murder is just between the killer and the killed.
  234. The murderer was hanged several times to death.
  235. The new movie fell flat – on the next Friday.
  236. The number of birds is increasing.
  237. The poor woman on road was trembling with cold.
  238. The priests cry for help fell on deaf ears.
  239. The primary education lied to all of us that the Sun rises in the East.
  240. The Principal is too busy to drive the bus.
  241. The profit is growing steadily.
  242. The rich created a great many half-truths which filled their autobiographies.
  243. The scissors are lying on the table.
  244. The studious girl is absorbed in her studies.
  245. The summer programmes are in full swing.
  246. The test taker was totally blanked on IELTS Speaking test.
  247. The train calls at ERN.
  248. The truth behind the creation of the universe is gone with the wind.
  249. The well-informed presided over the last meeting?
  250. The words are neither provoking nor proactive.
  251. There are a lot of places where you can hang out in UK.
  252. There’s ‘a little’ satisfaction in praying at the times of troubles.
  253. There is no room for disagreement.
  254. There is some difficulty in perceiving the content of this essay.
  255. There’s no harm in discouraging him now.
  256. These Shepherds look after one another’s sheep.
  257. They are indifferent to his Propaganda.
  258. They are leaving for Sudan for good.
  259. They saw him leave the house. This doctor himself does wonders.
  260. Those who play fast and loose often give way for the dedicated.
  261. Though Google is not a pay master, they pay reasonably well.
  262. To my mind, increasing the price of petrol is not the only alternative to reduce traffic congestion.
  263. Today, I had Bulls-eye delivered at my door step through Swiggy, the food delivering company.
  264. Today’s rain kept me waiting at the bus depot for hours.
  265. Tom as well as Tim has decided to stay away from the party.
  266. Translate his words into Arabic if you want a job.
  267. We are often fast asleep during the Christmas mass.
  268. We have been studying at Casper since last Monday.
  269. We have fought against one another for ages on this issue.
  270. We heard him witness the pastor.
  271. We would rather stay at your place tonight.
  272. Well, there are a couple of other ways I’d propose my girlfriend.
  273. What a contrast between their ideas!
  274. When do you have the order delivered?
  275. When I got 8777 bands in IELTS, I was at my wit’s end.
  276. Whisper to prevent being overheard.
  277. Who do you think will be the culprit?
  278. Who likes to take down to his sarcastic comments?
  279. Why should The rich care for the poor?
  280. Why were you adamant yesterday?
  281. Would you mind if I smoke?
  282. Would you mind my taking your two wheeler tonight?
  283. Would you please remind me of booking her exam tomorrow!
  284. You can call that mean, if you don’t understand it.
  285. You can’t obey me, can you?
  286. You had better fly quickly or you may end up paying GST.
  287. You had better go to Canada.
  288. You had better join the training centre.
  289. You may come home on Sundays.
  290. You need not be right always.
  291. You ought to respect your national leaders.
  292. Your clothes are tailor made for you.
  293. Your dog lays under the car.
  294. Your trousers are loose.
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