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In many countries, the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main causes of crime?  How can we deal with those causes?

Read and re-read the highlighted words and phrases. Memorise them. Try and use these phrases and words in Essays to attract a decent score in International Exams.

The widespread criminal offence all around the world is not a novel knowledge to the people, rather in many countries, including the developed and the developing ones, this issue has become a common concern. Over population and the related problems are the leading causes of many criminal acts and there are enough solutions to overcome this problem to a major extent.

Increased number of people in the society leads to unemployment and social discrimination in terms of religion as well as economical status which had become a topic of discussion nowadays. These can obviously result in the increase of criminal thoughts among youngsters who are active members of the society. For instance, recently a well-developed country in the world, New Zealand, had to face a massive terrorist attack in a mosque by an Australian man who was also accused for the same; racial as well as religious discrimination were the chief causes behind the scene and a manifesto was found by the authorities which filled with anti-immigrant, anti-muslim ideas and it was a horrible assault. In order to solve these issues or to mitigate such problems, strict rules on the ownership and use of weapons and their handling should be passed and the awareness to the public regarding the consequences of law breaking as well as the innovation of fixed punishments for the criminal offences should also come into existence.

In addition to this, unemployment is also another point of discussion as it also tends human to preform offences because of the need for money. Lack of job opportunities make many of the educated ones to be isolated in the society and this makes the feeling of inferiority complex among the jobless and gradually make them fall  for negative thoughts. Adequate jobs provided by the government, creating a society free of negative views by the awareness programmes and enforcing psychological campaigns are some of the best measures to minimise the criminal cases in the society.

In conclusion, I must say that government can make the necessary actions against the occurrence of crimes by eradicating the root causes leading to offences.   

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