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Thesaurus in English

Abandon: desert, quit, reject, forsake, leave, reassign, discontinue, withdraw.

Ability: capacity, capability, skill, efficiency, aptitude, talent, competency.

Accomplish: fulfil, achieve, attain, complete, realise, discharge.

Accumulate: collect, gather, add up, pile up, amass, stack, hoard, assemble,

Acquire: get, procure, secure, collect, gain, earn, achieve.

Adapt: suit, fit to, conform to, harmonise with attune to, adjust to.

Adequate: enough, sufficient, ample, suitable, plenty.

Advancement: Progress, progression, improvement, enhancement, promotion.

Alien: foreign, strange, distant, contradictory, unlike.

Alleviate: lessen, soften, relieve, lighten, mitigate, abate.

Aspire: seek, carve, long, desire, yearn, wish.

Assumption: conclusion, implication, inference, conviction, intuition, trust, view.

Collapse: give way, crumble, dilapidated, cave in, fall down, subside, fail.

Communicate: convey, tell, impart, announce, make known, write.

Contradict: oppose, disclaim, deny, resist, refute, dispute.

Culture: Civilisation, Refinement, Social values, Civility, Civic sense.

Decrease: lessen, diminish, decline, reduce, curtail, abate, contract, shrink.

Different: diverse, manifold, various, varying, distinct, heterogeneous.

Disadvantage: hindrance, drawback, stumbling block.

Education: Enlightenment, Learning, Training, Acquisition of knowledge, Refinement, Empowering.

Endanger: peril, imperial, jeopardise, hazard, risk.

Enhance: increase, improve, magnify, intensify, advance, augment, raise, elevate.

Eradicate: root out, destroy, uproot, abolish, decimate, remove.

Ethics: ethical motive, morality, Principles, scruples, sense of right and wrong, conscience.

Exhaustive: complete, comprehensive, in-depth, profound, searching, thorough.

Explain: elucidate, illustrate, interpret, expound, clarify.

Faculty: ability, aptitude, capacity, gift, talent, skill, knack.

Friendship: association, attachment, closeness, companionship, intimacy.

Future: Forthcoming, Imminent, Impending, Upcoming, Posterior, Anticipated, Expected.

Governments: nations, countries, authorities, politicians.

Harmful: deleterious, injurious, hurtful, lethal, pernicious, damaging, destructive.

Immediately: instantly, straightaway, right away, quickly, speedily, instantaneously.

Immense: colossal, huge, enormous, vast, titanic, gigantic, tremendous, stupendous.

Industrious: hardworking, diligent, assiduous, zealous.

Intelligence: acumen, comprehension, insight, intellect, reasoning ability.

Justice: fairness, impartiality, integrity, legitimacy, righteousness, virtue.

Knowledge: Information, Intelligence, Data, Evidence, Facts, Awareness.

Love: Liking, preference, Taste, Craving, Infatuation, Lust.

Lucrative: profitable, gainful, remunerative, worthwhile.

Nature: cosmos, earth, creation, environment, landscape, world.

Necessary: essential, needful, required, requisite, needed.

Objective: aim, ambition, end, goal, intention, purpose, target, impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced.

Outstanding: Exceptional, Extraordinary, Glorious, Majestic, Momentous, prestigious, Prominent, Salient.

Overcome: subdue, beat, conquer, outdo, subjugate, vanquish, master.

Perception: awareness, comprehension, concept, insight, intuition, understanding, view.

Problems: concerns, issues, Worries, disasters, threats.

Progress: advance, betterment, development, flourish, improvement.

Prone to: tending, liable, disposed, inclined, predisposed.

Rational: wise, sane, sound, sensible, reasonable, judicious, logical.

Reasonable: fair, right, equitable, rational, tolerable, sensible, moderate, justifiable.

Recapitulate: summaries, repeat, restate, recite, review, reiterate.

Related: allied, correlative, associated, analogous, connected.

Remote: alien, detached, distant, extraneous, far, foreign.

Significant: important, critical, prominent, outstanding, weighty, emphatic.

Space exploration: space program, trips to the moon, planetary voyages.

Spend: allocate, allot, provide, budget, make available, waste, award.

The world: the earth, cosmos, environment, Nature. Planet, the universe.

Training: discipline, drill, education, grooming, upbringing.

Understand: assume, comprehend, deduce, Follow, gather, infer, learn, perceive, realise.

Unity: affiliation, alliance, amalgamation, association, blending, synthesis.

Violence: Assault, Outbreak, Outrage, Rampage, Revolt, Upheaval, Revenge,

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