Adjective + Preposition = Phrasal Verbs

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abide by

addicted to

afraid of

allergic to

amazed at/by

angry about/with

annoyed about/with/at

anxious about

ashamed of

associated with

attached to

aware of

bad at

based on

bored with

break in

bring about

bring up

bring up

call for

call off

call on

call out

came across

capable of

carry on

carry out

check out

clever at

come forward

count on

crazy about

crowded with

cruel to

cut in

cut off

different from/to

dine out

do away with

do over

drop in

drop out

eat out

enthusiastic about

envious of

excited about

fall out

familiar with/to

famous for

fed up with

figure out

fond of

get across

get along with

get away

get on

get through

give away

give in

go about

go through

good at

grateful to

guilty of

hand on

hold back

hooked on

identical to

impressed with

jealous of

jump to

keen on

keep away

keep of

keep up

kind to

knock down

lay out

look after

look out

look out

mad about/at

make out

make shift

mark up

married to

opposed to

patient with

pleased with

polite to

popular with

proud of

pull up

put by

put off

put on

put out

put up with

related to

responsible for

root out

run into

run out

satisfied with

see off

set aside

set back

set in

set off

sick of

similar to

skim through

stand by

stand out

stand up for

suitable for

surprised at/by

take of

take up

talk over

tear up

think over

turn down

turn on

turn out

upset about/with

used to

watch out

win over

win over

work out

worried about

yield to


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