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Group Discussion Topics on Case Studies

  1. Say for instance that the Cyberlaw bill has failed. Cyberspace patrolling is just not possible.
  2. BCCI should be dissolved by the government.
  3. Why are restaurants not ready to accept the Food Security Act?
  4. A company fired an employee. As a result, the other employees went on strike. The question is ‘Why do you think the company fired the employees?’
  5. People today are becoming more and more health conscious, come up with a business model that you would implement to target these health-conscious customers.
  6. How are successful athletes such as P.V. Sindhu offered deals worth crores?
  7. Talk about the decreasing productivity of the Japanese Workforce and what measures should be taken to improve that.
  8. The relevance of reservation for girls at top academic institutions in today’s context.

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