Management GD Topics

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Management Related GD Topics

  1. Is theoretical knowledge sufficient for managers today?
  2. Do women make good managers?
  3. How professional are the professional companies today?
  4. B-schools fit square nuts into round holes.
  5. Is management art or science?
  6. Business ethics in today’s market and future.
  7. Unethical practices lead to success in business.
  8. Privatisation will lead to Less Corruption
  9. Five people go on a strike in an organisation, should they be thrown out?
  10. Discuss the relevance of family run business in India.
  11. Indian Administration should recruit from MBA colleges.
  12. India needs more job creators than job seekers.
  13. The credibility of B Schools ranking.
  14. In most corporates, ethics is a show, corruption is for real.
  15. Will stringent laws prevent cases like Satyam?

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