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Group Discussion Topics on Social Issues

  1. The Supreme Court of India recently declared the instant triple talaq as unconstitutional in a landmark judgment. Discuss.
  2. Indian adolescents need sexual and reproductive health awareness.
  3. Girl infanticide and sex determination is a crime. Yes or no?
  4. In the world, more than one in 5 deaths of children under five happen in India. Immunisation in India is poor. Yes or no.
  5. Tobacco smoking is already a major health problem in India. Tobacco must be banned. Yes or no.
  6. Juvenile crimes are increasing day by day in India. Yes or no.
  7. Delhi needs to revise air and vehicular pollution laws. Yes or no.
  8. Three out of 4 households in rural India earns less than Rs 5000 per month. We are still economically backward. Yes or no.
  9. Over-harvesting of groundwater in cities is causing water shortage in villages. Yes or no.
  10. Women empowerment is the solution to violence against Indian women. Yes or no.
  11. Forty-six percent of women in India get married before the age of 18. Child marriage is still a rampant practice. Discuss.
  12. Economic prosperity is taking its toll on Indian marriages with divorce rates shooting up. Yes or no.
  13. India’s water pollution situation as a time bomb waiting to explode. Yes or no.
  14. Khap panchayat is a modern day evil that needs to be uprooted. Yes or no.
  15. Gender discrimination and child mortality are not specific to any caste or class in India. Yes or no.
  16. Mental illness is more commonplace in urban India, as compared to rural India. Yes or no.
  17. Anaemia affects the urban society; the main reason is people here prefer diet fad or junk food. Yes or no.
  18. Drug abuse is rampant among Indian teenagers. Yes or no.
  19. Indian states are poorer than African nations. Yes or no.
  20. Status of sanitisation os equally poor in cities and villages of India. Yes or no.
  21. One in five births is delivered by C-section in India today. Is it becoming a money-making practice? Discuss.

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