Socio-Cultural GD Topics

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  1. Classical music is dying due to the growing pop-culture in India. Discuss.
  2. Is remixing original songs a good practice?
  3. There should not be any restriction on Foreign media. Yes or no.
  4. Censorship in movies and our culture is useless.
  5. Do we need a censor board at all?
  6. Movies are corrupting the Indian youth. Yes or no?
  7. Indian culture is decaying as we are gradually forgetting our trends, spirituality, and traditions.
  8. Western culture is making us forget our cultural heritage.
  9. Culture is not law, change is the law of nature.
  10. Globalisation has affected the Indian youth and overall population in many ways.
  11. Western culture is more progressive and up-growing when compared to Indian culture.

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