OET Role Play 18

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You are a 25-year-old apprentice, who has a pilonidal sinus (cyst) for excision next week. You have Quite a bit of  pain but you are embarrassed. You have seen the doctor and you are discussing your treatment and preoperative documents with the nurse.


  • Tell the nurse you feel as though you are weak because of this ailment, but need painkillers more often than you take them
  • Emphasis how embarrassed you are, therefore did not pay attention to the doctor when he/she explained what a pilonidal sinus is. Can you still find out?
  • Argue that you are very clean and due to your work you shower in the morning and have a bath at night.
  • Ask what you need to do after the procedure.
  • Reassure the nurse that you will follow the doctor/nursing staff’s advice when in hospital, and adhere to the medication regime, rather than suffer pain.


NURSING SETTING / General Practice / NURSE

You are preparing a 25-year-old apprentice for excision of a pilonidal sinus (cyst) next week. The patient is in Pain but is embarrassed about the problem and thinks taking medication to alleviate pain is a sign of weakness.  You are discussing treatment and preoperative documents, following the doctor’s appointment.


  • Express concern that the patient has pain and views taking analgesic as a weakness.
  • Assure the patient that you understand the embarrassment but doctors and nurses are used to a huge range of medical issues.
  • Explain that a pilonidal sinus is a small opening, a tract on the surface of the skin predominantly caused by an ingrown hair, exacerbated by sweat and prolonged sitting.
  • Reassure the patient that you were not indicating that he /she is dirty and salt baths post-operatively will help facilitate healing.
  • Provide information on post-operative care (e.g., bleeding, signs of infection, importance of taking analgesia appropriately, use of antiseptic dressings, etc.).



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