OET Role Play 19

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NURSING SETTING / Children’s Hospital Ward / PATIENT

You are Sonia Affleck, a young married woman who had an emergency appendectomy las! night. Twice during the night you pressed the nurses call bell for assistance. On the first occasion you needed pain relief and it took at least  20 minutes before anyone answered the call. On the second occasion you needed assistance to go to the toilet. You rang the call bell but because of the belay in response you were forced to struggle to the toilet yourself. When the nurse finally arrived she reprimanded you for getting out of bed unassisted. You are upset and angry and want to be discharged today. You ask to see the nurse manager.


  • Express anger at the poor response to you calls for assistance and at the attitude of the nurse who  reprimanded you.
  • Claim you would be better be better off at home where you mother and husband would look after you.
  • Agree that there are occasions there may be problems with fully staffing a busy surgical ward but that does not excuse nurse reprimanding you.
  • Admit you still require regular pain relief and help in walking.


NURSING SETTING / Children’s Hospital Ward / NURSE

You are the nurse manager of a very busy surgical ward. There were four emergency operations last night. Due to a flu epidemic the night shift was understaffed so less experienced on-call nursing staff filled in. On your morning round you check on Sonia Affleck who had an emergency C-section appendectomy last night. She is upset and angry about the poor nursing care she has received. She want be discharged today.


  • Ask about what happened to upset her.
  • Explain the ward’s staffing situation last night.
  • Address her anger at nurses.
  • Discuss her present condition and usual hospital recovery time.
  • Explain why it would not be in her interests to be discharged today, especially without consultation with her surgeon.




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