OET Role Play 20

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You are Leanne Wilson, a sole parent with three children – Ronnie aged 8, Dexter aged 12 and Marie  aged14. The school nurse has asked you come to the school at 9.30 am to discuss concerns about Ronnie’s  general health. You know recent school reports indicate he visited the school nurse frequently last term complaining of tiredness  and headaches.You work Monday – Friday, 7am – 2.30pm at a local factory.  Although   you are worried about  Ronnie you are upset about taking time off work to come to the school this morning. It means your pay will be reduced.  You would have preferred to come alter work around 3pm. You rely on Marie to get herself and her brothers ready for school. Often they don’t have time for breakfast.


  • Explain the work problems caused by having to come up to the school this morning.
  • Acknowledge that you have been a bit worried about Ronnie complaining about tiredness and headaches at school. You work hard and go to bed early. The kids when they are tired. Generally they watch a bit of TV.
  • Say that Ronne seems to be OK at home after he has a bowl of coco pops and some soft drink when he gets home in the afternoon.
  • Point out you leave for work at 6.30am so can’t be responsible for getting breakfast for the family.



You are the school nurse at a State School. Ronnie Wilson aged 8 has been sent to you quite frequently after School commences complaining of tiredness and headaches. He sparks up after a rest and some milk and biscuits. You suspect he is regularly missing out on breakfast although he says his older sister always looks after him well because his mother has to go to work. You have made an appointment for MS Wilson to come to your office at   9.30 today.


  • Explain why you arranged the appointment.
  • Ask about Ronnie’s general health.
  • Ask about family routines in relation to meals and bed times.
  • Discuss importance of a proper diet including a nourishing breakfast and suggest how this might be achieved.
  • Make an appointment for a follow-up visit.

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