OET Role Play 24

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NURSING SETTING / Rural Community Health Clinic / PATIENT

You are 79 year old woman who lives on her own. You have one son who lives in the city who helps you when he can. Recently he paid for a gardener and a cleaning lady to visit you regularly. He has also arranged for a neighbour to do your shopping. You have come to ask the community health nurse who knows your family for help because you are having a real problem with all these helpers but won’t want to complain to your son. You are finding life very difficult because the cleaning lady is obviously hiding and taking things and putting others in the wrong place. Your   neighbour claims to have bought groceries that you can never find. When you complain she says that you forget where you put them. The gardener is obviously stealing lots of your tools and claims to have come when you know he hasn’t


  • Explain to the nurse that you are finding it more and more difficult to cope because these people are taking advantage of you.
  • Say you have got to a point where you don’t like to go out yourself because nothing seems the same and sometimes you get lost.
  • Admit that you are a bit forgetful but insist that the real problem is the people who are supposed to be helping you.
  • Answer the nurse’s questions as best you can.
  • Finally agree to her suggestion to contact your son.


NURSING SETTING / Rural Community Health Clinic / NURSE

A 79 year old woman who lives in your community has come to see you. You have known her had her son For several years and are concerned by how she appears to have aged recently and seems very agitated. You also know that the people her son arranged to help her are completely trustworthy. You want her to Agree to let you contract her son as soon as possible to explain her situation to him.


  • Be sympathetic and understanding of her problems.
  • Ask if there are any others things that are making her life difficult – does she think her memory is not as good as it used to be.
  • Ask if she is eating well and cooking for herself without difficulty.
  • Stress that you know her son cares for her and would want to be informed of her present situation.
  • Ask her permission to phone him so that he can help with finding a solution to make her life easier.

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