OET Role Play 25

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NURSING SETTING / Children’s Hospital Ward / PATIENT

The patient is your three year daughter Elizabeth. She is being admitted to hospital for hospital for treatment of an ear abscess. This is the first time your child has been in hospital and you are anxious about how she will manage.  you can’t be at the hospital all the time as you have two other children aged Joan aged 5 and Sam aged 7. The nurse has requested information about your daughter’s normal routine at home.


  • Explain your concerns to the nurse.
  • Answer the nurse’s questions about your daughter’s routine. Give a brief answer. Wait for the nurse to ask further questions.
  • Ask about the flexibility of visiting hours.


NURSING SETTING / Children’s Hospital Ward / NURSE

Elizabeth, a three year old girl has come with her mother to be admitted with an ear abscess. Her mother Is anxious about how she will settle in. You need information about the child’s normal routine and habits to prepare  amusing care plan.


  • Reassure the mother about the care Elizabeth will receive.
  • Ask whether she has any siblings she usually plays with at home.
  • Ask about her normal routines at home
  • Usual bedtime – morning or afternoon sleep?
  • Food preferences – able to feed herself?
  • Is she fully toilet trained?
  • Has she brought any favourite toys or books with her?
  • Outline visiting hours – 11am-8pm but stress that overnight stays are possible in a special visiting room.

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