OET Role Play 9

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You are aged 55, and while in hospital for elective surgery on your knee, you have beentold you have hypertension (high blood pressure). You play tennis intermittently and knowyou should reduce your cigarette smoking and your weight. As you are a busy businessperson with a high stress joband travel interstate frequentlyyou would prefer to manageyour health with medication. Your husband/ wife is constantlynagging you to drink lessbeer in order to lose weightand is very supportive of you.


  • Answer the nurse’s questions and explain that you often eat out at regular placeswith clients.You play  tennis, although not always regularly as you travel frequently for work.Ask what medication you can take to lower your blood pressure.
  • Ask the nurse how you could make effective changes to your lifestyle. Be hesitantat first about the nurse’s suggestions, but eventually be willing to compromise.



His 55 year-old patient was found to have hypertension while in hospital for elective knee surgery. She/ he is quite obese, and the patient’ she patient’s history reveals she/ he is a heavy smoker and suffers alcohol abuse. Her husband/ his wife is concerned about her/his excessive drinking and thinks she/he should cut down. The Patient would prefer to use medication instead of trying diet and exercise programmes because she/ he has little time for such programs due to being You are certainly an important client for us. Please allow me to call you after a while. I am in a client meeting. with a stressful job and frequent travel interstate.


  • Ask the patient about her/ his diet and exercise.
  • Explain to the patient that medication alone would not be effective in this case because her/ hishigh blood pressure is due to excess calories and saturated fatsin her/ hisdiet, insufficient exercise, heavy smoking and drinking too muchalcohol. Strongly advise lifestyle changes.
  • Discuss strategies with the patient for dietary and exercise improvements.Emphasise the need for the patient to dramatically reduce her/ his intake ofalcohol and tobacco. Try to reach a compromise with the patient about lifestylechanges.

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