IELTS Speaking Test – Sample 4

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  • Did you enjoy doing art lessons when you were a child? [Why?/Why not?]
  • Do you ever draw or paint pictures now? [Why?/Why not?]
  • When was the last time you went to an art gallery or exhibition? [Why?]
  • What kind of pictures do you like having in your home? [Why?]


Describe a time when you visited a friend or family member at their workplace.

You should say:
  • Who you visited
  • Where this person worked
  • Why you visited this person‘s workplace
  • And explain how you felt about visiting this person’s workplace.


Different kinds of workplaces

  • What things make an office comfortable to work in?
  • Why do some people prefer to work outdoors?
  • Do you agree that the building people work in is more important than the colleagues they work with?
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