Different ways to use ‘Has’, ‘Have’, ‘Had’.

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Learn to use ‘Has’, ‘Have’, ‘Had’ efficiently to score well in reading, listening and writing modules.

Type -1 

  1. India has riches but confined to the access of the rich.
  2. The rich have heart to spend when there is a possibility for manifestation of grandiosity.
  3. The citizens had difficulty in getting government approval for plots off late.

Type -2

  1. The rich has occupied the land of the poor always.
  2. They have eliminated all the possibilities of failure before attending the exam.
  3. The human race had evolved from nothing to almost everything.

Type -3

  1. One has to be aware of the social taboos and stigmas while travelling to new places.
  2. The cultures of the world have to collide and become one day.
  3. Children of parents who divorced had to live in orphanage.

Type -4

  1. Every PAN card holder has been informed about the variation in the income tax this year.
  2. People in India have been motivated to earn less and live in poverty for several centuries now.
  3. Women had been allotted with 57% reservation in government sectors in India.

Type -5

  1. Canada has been inviting admissions from India since 1991.
  2. Religions have been preaching against envy only to amass more and more wealth.
  3. Marketing executives had been using pagers before mobile phones were introduced to India.

Type -6

  1. The government has been passive to the environmental issues for several decades.
  2. A few of the many politicians have been able to make decent income in India.
  3. Many of the richest countries of 21st century had been poor before the British conquered India.

Type -7

  1. The country to which I have decided to fly has had accommodated millions of Indians already.
  2. Several countries have had the opportunity to fail miserably in Olympics.
  3. India had had the pride of owning the superman of world’s cricket.

Type -8

  1. Had India been the super power, the world would have had more religions today.


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