Passive Voice – Example Sentences

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Passive voice: Put the cart (object) before the horse (Subject).

V3 refers to Past Participle
While reading the sentences pay attention to the words highlighted. Make similar sentences using the highlighted words and get it corrected form your English teacher.

am+V3 and have been + V3

I am invited for the party by the student’s leader.

I am being appreciated for my talent ever since I joined Casper Academy.

I have been informed that tomorrow would be a holiday.

is+V3 and has been + V3

The girl child is taken to the hospital after the accident.

The room is being painted.

The lad has been ignored and denied off all his entitlement.

are+V3 and have been + V3

Candidates are accompanied by the class teacher in the local tour.

The hostels rooms are being furnished.

Teachers have been instructed not to use physical punishment as disciplinary methods.

was+V3 and had been + V3

The Volkswagen car was abandoned in the forest.

The food was being prepared when I reached home.

The rivers in India had been left unnoticed until recent communal riot.

were+V3 and had been + V3

They were caught in the security camera.

Students were being instructed about the next day’s programme when the principal walked in.

The plants in the garden hadn’t been watered for several day in my absence.


You shall be welcomed by a tall lady at the entrance of the hotel.

All bicycles should be parked adjacent to the banyan tree near block B.

Trash cans must be cleared everyday in order to avoid accumulation of waste.

The idea may be less welcomed among the public about the ritual.

Students might be interested in using video aids in the language learning class.

I will always be exited to invest in myself.

Would pupil be given an opportunity to compete with the seniors in my classroom?

Can this be taken seriously?

The idea could be mistaken by the reader if enough justification is not given.

The leakage in the roof is yet to be noticed.

The new house needs to be furnished before house warming.

All humans want to be loved and appreciated.

Parents ought to be taken care at their unwittingly strange old age.


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