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Online Coaching

If you are one of them who keep searching for OET online coaching, PTE online coaching, IELTS online coaching, TOEFL online coaching, Spoken English online coaching and many more such phrases only to end up with a lot of sites who promise to provide super training online, your search ends here. This is an article written only for you. Kindly read it before you search for such terms one more time.

How good is online training for learning a language?

Learning a language is synonymous to learning to drive a car. Of course you can learn the knowledge but how would you put to use unless you drive the car in real roads. Similarly learning the nuances online doesn’t make you comfortable in using the language. You have to be in a group of real humans who create situations that you may have to overcome and become fluent in handling the real fire of communication .

Does online training go successfully?

Yes! For some. Not for many.

How does the cost of online training work?

Usually the cost is very high compared to a classroom training.

Do I get a faculty online?

Most often getting a faculty to assist you and clear your doubts happens to be a hectic task. 50% of online coaching providers are unable to meet this need and break the course or session half the way.

What are the chances of deviation?

While being online, hm… getting disturbed by pop ups is needless to be pointed out. Most learners get distracted and get carried away by unwanted tides.

What is the percentage of people who benefitted online?

Not more than 20%, I assume. It is simply because they are good at a lot of research and they do study about the subject from 100s Of sources. This attitude makes the learning simpler, be it online or offline.

Who should look for online training?

Those who have severe physical inability to go and attend classes in the venue provided by the coaching centres can opt for online training. Other might miss the real enjoyment of being with other humans while learning.

Who are these online coaching providers?

They are genuine people who want to help your learning at your convenient location at your comfort zone with the help of your favourite gadget. But they are helpless. It is not the online course providers to be blamed, it is the nature of online course to be blamed.

Why I should not depend on Blogs?

Everyone who has a gmail account is also entitled to own a blog. It is as simple as possessing a pen or eraser. Those who have a lot of time and those who think that they know something, be they knowledgeable or not, have an access to such platforms where they write what they write. Sometimes it is really useful because some bloggers do a lot of research about what they write before they write. I am here to blame the rest who simply write only to grab the attention of the public and climb the ladder of fame.

Can I depend on You tube classes for learning a language?

Of course! obviously you can learn a lot of tips of how to use prepositions, how to use certain words, the punctuation and many more. However, I experts don’t recommend online training (Youtube Video classes) for International English Tests. It doesn’t usually work the way it is expected to work. These exams are costly and have a lot of risk associated with it.

What is the best alternative?

Choose to study IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, UKVI, Life Skills, OET and all other international English exams in a training center near your work place or home.

How often can I retake IELTS test?

How often can I retake IELTS test is a frequently asked question. One can appear for this exam any number of times. However, at Casper Academy candidates are allowed to practise the simulator test (Mock-Test) as many times as they want. The mock-tests are evaluated by a trained examiner and the candidates are carefully selected for their exams. Therefore, no candidate in Casper Academy happens to re-take IELTS exams.

As our training sessions are module based and customised to the individuals requirements, candidates are carefully trained to get the target score in the first attempt itself. FAQ

Casper Academy is an IELTS coaching center in Vyttila, Kochi. Since 2001. We are available throughout the day. Candidates can opt to attend classes at their convenient time of the day.


How different is PTE from IELTS?

Casper Academy is a coaching center for IELTSTOEFLGREPTEUKVILife SkillsOETLicensure RN / PN Exams  and a training center that offers customised course in Vyttila, Kochi – 682019. Since 2001. We are available throughout the day. Candidates can opt to attend classes at their convenient time of the day.

PTE – Pearson Test of English has been the talk of the town in the recent years. It is an International English exam that is conducted to evaluate the test taker and know and certify his ability to speak, read, listen and write the English language appropriately.

This Exam is not much different from its predecessor IELTS in the real sense of assessment. However there are certain advantages and disadvantages of taking PTE instead of IELTS as a VISA eligibility exam.


  • The exam is only valid in Australia, if you are planning to migrate.
  • The PTE score is accepted by universities only in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The exam is yet to be popular.
  • The exam preparation without sufficient materials from the authorised source is difficult.
  • There are very few training centers or trainers available in India for teaching PTE.
  • There are few test centers available in the country.


  • The test dates are available on almost all days of the moths.
  • The test dates can be reserved within a week also.
  • The result is declared in 2 days.
  • The result is published in the website and available/accessible immediately.
  • The result is safe and can be exchanged with universities or VISA processing agents easily and quickly.
Note: If you are planning to migrate to Australia (or) study only in Australia or New Zealand, this is a good choice. PTE is your exam.

If you are not sure about which country you are planning to visit or need tome to decide on that matter, it is safe to take IELTS. This exam qualifies you to fly abroad for many reasons. However, you should discuss with your IELTS training about weather to appear for General IELTS test or Academic IELTS test depending on your type of VISA.



Should I be good at Grammar to excel in International English Exams.

Casper Academy is a coaching center for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, UKVI, Life Skills, OET, Licensure RN / PN Exams  and a training center that offers customised course in Vyttila, Kochi – 682019. Since 2001. We are available throughout the day. Candidates can opt to attend classes at their convenient time of the day.

International English exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET, GRE, UKVI, Life Skills and TEFL all have been designed to test and qualify a persons overall ability to handle the English language at various levels in an English speaking country without much hassle.

By taking these exams one does not only qualifies him(her)self for a VISA to an English speaking country. S(he) also get the proficiency to live in a country where English is spoken as the main language for communication. Any language has to be spoken with the grammar. A common ground of expression is revealed through grammar.

When there are no rules followed a cricketer finds it difficult to play with the team. Because the rules form a common ground to protect the player and ease the learning process for a learner of the game. Similarly, grammar forms a common ground on which a user of the language is able to express himself/herself clearly and the new learner finds it easy to learn the language. Therefore it it necessary to learn the language and its grammar rules immaculately.

However, the question here is weather the International Exams are keen looking at the grammar efficiency of the test taker. Of course, yes! All International Exams although they look at the overall fluency of the test taker in handling the language, while marking the test response with a band score they use grammar also as one of the standard scale to measure and evaluate the candidate.

Casper Academy is a coaching center in Vyttila, Kochi. Since 2001. We are available throughout the day. Candidates can opt to attend classes at their convenient time of the day.