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Casper Academy was founded in the year 2001 by SBV Kevin. This is a site intended to encourage study related communication, topic discussion, questions and answers. Please visit this site frequently for more topics and discussions.

  • Useful Phrases to Preface Bad News

    I’m very sorry, but… Unfortunately,… I’m afraid that… We typically use these statements to alert our listener that bad news is coming.  

  • Useful Phrases to illustrate Graph

    These are some of the phrases you should consider including while writing or speaking (describing) a Graph.

  • Useful Phrases for Essay Writing

    After writing an essay, before submitting it for correction you should consider including some of these phrases in the essay wherever necessary. This habit will finally result it you being able to write essays with appropriate phrases.

  • Useful Phrases to Point out mistakes

    It looks like… It seems… Didn’t we agree on…?/Didn’t we decide…? I thought we had agreed to/on… I seem to remember that we… By asking questions and using tentative language, we can soften our message. We normally don’t want to… Read More ›

  • Useful phrases to make offers

    Learn some phrases that help you to speak English Better.

  • TOEFL Reading Strategies

    In addition to the academic skills, there are several reading strategies that will help you succeed on the TOEFL and after the TOEFL. Preview
Research shows that it is easier to understand what you are reading if you begin with a… Read More ›

  • Is it ok to memorise sample answers?

    If you have memorised an answer it is very unlikely that it will actually answer the question directly and this will be another signal to the examiner that something isn’t quite right.

  • Useful Phrases in English

    These are some of the useful phrases that you can learn to use in your essays and speaking to make your ideas clearer to the reader and listener.

  • Group Discussion Topics

    Familiarise yourself with various topics usually used in Group Discussions in Job interviews and Colleges.

  • Sample Speaking Responses

    These are some of the sample responses for speaking questions written by experts. However, this response is only one way of approach of the many available approaches. Don’t memorise these answers.

  • Sample Essays

    Learn to recognise how a good essay looks like by reading the sample essay written by examiners and trained faculty members.

  • How often can I retake the IELTS test?

    At Casper Academy candidates are allowed to practise the simulator test (Mock-Test) as many times as they want. The mock-tests are evaluated by a trained examiner and the candidates are carefully selected for their exams. Therefore, no candidate re-takes IELTS exam here.

  • How different is PTE from IELTS?

    This Exam is not much different from its predecessor IELTS in the real sense of assessment. However there are certain advantages and disadvantages of taking PTE instead of IELTS as a VISA eligibility exam.

  • Should I be good at Grammar to excel in International English Exams.

    When there are no rules followed a cricketer finds it difficult to play with the team. Because the rules form a common ground to protect the player and ease the learning process for a learner of the game. Similarly, grammar forms a common ground on which a user of the language is able to express himself/herself clearly and the new learner finds it easy to learn the language. Therefore it it necessary to learn the language and its grammar rules immaculately.

  • Online Coaching

    Learning a language is synonymous to learning to drive a car. Of course you can learn the knowledge but how would you put to use unless you drive the car in real roads. Similarly learning the nuances online doesn’t make you comfortable in using the language. You have to be in a group of real humans who create situations that you may have to overcome and become fluent in handling the real fire of communication.