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Describe Image

About this section:

In this section, you are given an image ( picture, graph, table, etc.). You are asked to describe what the image is showing. You do six to seven of these items, depending on the combination of items in your test.



This part is not difficult at the same time, it demands patience and persistence. Candidates need to think clearly and understand the exact information in the picture to compare and contrast the information to speak it in a lecture or a story format.


Use PTE / IELTS books for learning task, if you have already tried it. Or you can ask for such books at the training center you are taking your course. PTE / IELTS books have graph illustration task for the writing module. Grab a few of them and write a sample answer to it and get it corrected by a trained faculty for PTE. After that you can practise speaking the content that you wrote and got corrected.

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