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IELTS Speaking Sample Model 3


  • Where do you buy most of your clothes? [Why?]
  • How often do you buy new clothes for yourself? [Why?]
  • How do you decide which clothes to buy? [Why?]
  • Have the kinds of clothes you like changed in recent years? [Why?/ Why not?]


Describe an interesting discussion you had about how you spend your money.

You should say:
  • Who you had the discussion with
  • Why you discussed this topic
  • What the result of the discussion was
  • and explain why this discussion was interesting for you.


Money and young people
  • Why do some parents give their children money to spend each week?
  • Do you agree that schools should teach children how to manage money?
  • Do you think it is a good idea for students to earn money while studying?
Money and society
  • Do you think it is true that in today’s society money cannot buy happiness?
  • What disadvantages are there in a society where the gap between rich and poor is very large?
  • Do you think richer countries have a responsibility to help poorer countries?










Test 4










  • Did you enjoy doing art lessons when you were a child? [Why?/Why not?]
  • Do you ever draw or paint pictures now? [Why?/Whynot?]
  • When was the last time you went to an art gallery or exhibition? [Why?]
  • What kind of pictures do you like having in your home? [Why?]



Describe a time when you visited a friend or family member at their workplace.


You should say:


Who you visited


Where this person worked


Why you visited this person‘s workplace


And explain how you felt about visiting this person’s workplace.




Discussion topics:


Different kinds of workplaces


Example questions:


What things make an office comfortable to work in?


Why do some people prefer to work outdoors?


Do you agree that the building people work in is more important than the colleagues they work with?





































IELTS Speaking Sample Model 2

Model – 2


Songs and singing
  • Did you enjoy singing when you were younger? [Why?/Why not]
  • How often do you sing now? [Why]
  • Do you have a favourite song you like listening to? [Why?/Why not?]
  • How important is singing in your culture? [Why?]


Describe a film/movie actor from your country who is very popular.

You should say:
  • who this actor is
  • what kinds of films/movies he/she acts in
  • what you know about this actor’s life
  • and explain why this actor is so popular.


Watching films/movies
  • What are the most popular types of films in your country?
  • What is the difference between watching a film in the cinema and watching a film at home?
  • Do you think cinemas will close in the future?
  • How important is the theatre in your country’s history?
  • How strong a tradition is it today in your country to go to the theatre?
  • Do you think the theatre should be run as a business or as a public service?
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IELTS speaking sample Model 1


  • Is it important to you to eat healthy food? [Why?/Why not]
  • If you catch a cold, what do you do to help you feel better?
  • Do you pay attention to public information about health? [Why?/ Why not]
  • What could you do to have a healthier lifestyle?


Describe an occasion when you had to wait a long time for someone or something to arrive.

You should say:
  • who or what you were waiting for
  • how long you had to wait
  • why you had to wait long time
  • and explain how you felt about waiting a long time.


Arriving early
  • In what kinds of situations should people always arrive early?
  • How important it is to arrive early in your country?
  • How can modern technology help people to arrive early
Being patient
  • What kinds of jobs require the most patience?
  • Is it always better to be patient in work (or studies)?
  • Do you agree or disagree that the older people are, the more patient they are?
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