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True – False – Not Given

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IELTS Reading test has a lot of tasks to be done after comprehending the given reading passage. One of such tasks include True/False/Not Given task. Most often test taker for IELTS have found this task to be difficult yet they relent.

You may be familiar with sorting out True and False. You have done it enough at schools. But when the task comes with a Not Given statement to be found along with True and False, the entire strategy changes.

How to sort it down?

When there is an option ‘True’ the opposite is ‘False’. What then is the opposite for ‘Not Given’? It should be ‘Given’ obviously. Have you ever thought about finding ‘Given’ along with ‘Not given’

  • Sort out Given and Not Given first
  • Now sort out True and False.
  • It may sound strange but works.

As you have already read and understood the passage you need not refer to the story each time to find an answer for Given and Not Given. As you read the question itself you will be able to guess the options right. Now after you have found what statement is given and what statement is not given, you can now proceed to find validate the information with Given and Not Given as an option.

While sorting True and False again remember, True is 100% true information and false is anything between 1% to 99% true information. What makes the statement false is the missing 1%.

If you understood what is taught here, it is well and good. Now it is time for you to try this strategy and get the required band score. If you still find it difficult, visit Casper Academy and we will help you.

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