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Develop your Intonation

Using the right intonation makes the listener very comfortable in understanding the speaker. A rising intonation and a falling intonation are used for different purposes. To use appropriate intonation, at first one has to cut chunks and break a sentence in to two or more half.

The following are the list of areas when you can cut chunks:

. to .

. to ,

, to ,

, to .

Before prepositions

After conjunctions

at other punctuation marks.

The following is a paragraph cut into chunks for you to understand the method easily.

The ‘/’ is used to cut sentences. ‘//’ represent closing of the sentence.

Full stops – Falling Intonation

Contrast ideas – Rising Intonation

Important ideas – Rising Intonation

Adjectives – Rising Intonation

Nouns – Rising Intonation

∏∏Commas – Singing Intonation

Words with more than one syllable – Singing Intonation

Try reading the paragraph above to practise speaking with right intonation. Do similar exercise often with different paragraphs to be good at intonations.


Housing fulfils the basic needs that people have / for security,/ privacy and/ shelter.// While the adequacy of housing is an important component/ of individual well-being,/ housing also has great impact/ in the nation’s economy,/ with its influence/ on investment levels,/ interest rates,/ building activity and/ employment.//


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