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Paraphrasing in IELTS Reading

In IELTS Reading Test most often candidates are confused between the term in the question and the term in the passage while finding answers, especially in the case of, True / False / Not Given.


To solve this issue one must be familiar with the term paraphrasing. This is a technique in which a set of words in a sentence is replaced with different vocabulary which actually means nothing different from the previous words used. However, by replacing familiar words with unfamiliar words that carry the same meaning the test is able to confuse the test taker and find the real level of fluency the test taker has.

To be able to recognise and solve this issue one must do a lot of homework. Try and paraphrase the sample essays in the IELTS preparation materials, those are written by the examiners. Later on, once you think you are good at doing it, try and rephrase the sentences in the reading passage in the IELTS preparation materials. This will make you familiar with different ways of saying the same sentence.

For example: If you come across a sentence like this:

Children are often encouraged to play in ground instead of playing computer games.

You can paraphrase this sentence in many fashion such as:

  1. Children should be advised to play in the ground rather than playing computer games.
  2. Parents should motivate their children to play in the ground instead of playing computer games.


Search for examples of paraphrasing in Google for more knowledge.


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