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Personal Introduction

About this section:

In this section, you are given a prompt and are asked to introduce yourself orally. You speak about yourself for upto 30 seconds. This is not assessed but is sent to institutions along with your score report.


Although it is not assessed you are expected to do this task sincerely.


Practise writing several self introduction in 50 – 100 words and get it corrected from a PTE trained faculty member. Write and practise several times. Speak and get it recorded in your mobile phone and listen to it. You may know what to improve and what not to.

Click here for Sample questions on this task.

Casper Academy is a PTE coaching center in Vyttila, Kochi. Since 2001. We are available throughout the day. Candidates can opt to attend classes at their convenient time of the day.


Sample responses for Personal Introduction Task in PTE

You need to have a fair practice on answering these questions. Write a sample answer from your own point of view and get it corrected as many times as possible and get it recored in your mobile phone and listen to it several times. You might not want to miss the first impression.

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