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Recently asked IELTS speaking question – Part 2

Describe a thing you made by hand and presented it to someone.
You should also say:
What the thing was.
When you made it.
How you made it.
How easy/difficult it was to make.
To who did you present it.
Why you presented it to the person.
What their response was after receiving it.
Would you like to do it again.

Note: This is a question asking you to speak about an unusual habit people have in your country. Most people, in India, don’t make things by hand and present it to someone. Although that is the reality, you can speak about a hand craft you did when you were young to present it to a special friend or a relative. Think about what you have made by hand. If you have no such experience, you can say about a thing that you bought from the shop and packed it by yourself after adding more specification or particulars to it. Try preparing similar sample answers and speak it in front of a faculty to know how well you are able to mange this task. Eventually you will be  confident to appear for the exam.

These are picture of handmade items that you can mention in your answer.

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